"Writable CD Folder" Doesn't Work With DVD-Rs on XP, But Does For CD-Rs

I am having trouble getting Windows XP's native data CD/DVD recording feature to work with DVDs.

I have a DVD burner in my XP machine.  I have used the DVD burner many times to burn video DVDs, and I have used Nero 6 to burn data discs.

I'd like to be able to use Windows XP's native "writable CD folder" technology to burn files to DVDs because it's convenient.  But it doesn't work.

* When I insert a CD-R, Windows brings up the "Open writable CD folder" dialog box, and then opens the writable folder.  Files dragged into the CD-R folder *do* get burned correctly.

* Now, when I insert a DVD-R (or a DVD+R), Windows again brings up the "Open writable CD folder" dialog box, and then opens the folder.  But, this time, the folder doesn't have the "CD Writing Tasks" sidebar.  When I try to copy files into the recording window, I get an error that says "Windows encountered a problem when trying to copy this file.  What do you want Windows to do".

Strangely, when I eject the DVD, all of a sudden the folder gets the "Write these files to CD" (but there's no DVD in the drive).  If I reinsert the disc, it says "There is no disc in the drive".

None of these problems happens with CD-Rs, only DVD-R's.  And I can burn data DVDs with Nero, and I can burn video DVDs with video editing software, so it's not a busted drive.

I also have the drive enabled for "recording" in the Properties window.

The same problem happens on another Windows XP box here, so it's some general problem.  I assume DVD-R "writable CD folders" do work on XP, right?

I do have Nero 6 Ultra installed on both machines.  Is there a known conflict there?

I'd rather not randomly uninstall software trying to make the problem go away until I have some guidance about likely problems.

I don't understand much about CD/DVD driver architecture, ASPI, etc.  Confusing to my small brain.  Is there a way to know if I have problem drivers installed?  What *should* my drivers look like?

I would like two things:

(1) An understanding of what sorts of services/drivers affect DVD recording
(2) Specific suggestions for likely causes, based on these symptoms
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Take a look at this article at Microsoft's site:


In particular, the sentence at the bottom of the page:

Do you want to record onto blank DVD disks using a recordable DVD drive? Windows XP can read and play back DVDs, but it can't record them.
todd_e_bryantAuthor Commented:
Well that would explain it.

That article was from 2003.

Can someone confirm that Windows XP DOES NOT SUPPORT writable DVD folders?
You think Microsoft would not update their site with new info if the cd burning capability of XP changed?

Anyway, here's another respected site containing info about the in-built burning capability of XP, and it also makes the point that it works only for CDs:


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do this answer your question


      I put a DVD-R disc in my drive and nothing happens. Windows XP fails to display that pop-up interface asking me whether I want to open a writable folder. I can copy and paste files to that drive, but when I click Write These Files to a CD, I get an error message.

      Windows XP's new optical disc creation software does not work with DVDs. If you want to use that basic file management software, simply rely on CD-R/RW discs instead of DVDs.

me personally I like third party CD-DVD-writing software
todd_e_bryantAuthor Commented:
Dang!  I'm suprised and disappointed that Windows XP doesn't support data file creation of DVD recordable disks.  I would have thought they'd have added that.  Several colleagues of mine were also surprised/confused.

LeeTutor's two pointers showed that point first.

This phrase pretty much summarizes the point for any future searchers:

"Windows XP’s inbuilt CD-burning software allows you to select files and apparently write them to the disk immediately, by dragging and dropping them to the CD drive’s icon...This burning method is strictly for CD media only. There is no support at all in the inbuilt [system] for burning DVD media."

natcom's citation from the SAMS guides also reinforced the same point.

Thanks everyone.
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