Wireless disables when system is locked

Hello all,

I recently got an HP laptop (ZE2113US) and am having a bit of an issue with the wireless. It works wonderfully, until I lock the system, at which point the wireless shuts off. When I unlock the system, after a few seconds it goes back on. Is there any way to keep the wireless enabled even when the system is locked? (it's rather annoying to get half way through a 600 Meg download, lock the system to go for a smoke, and come back to discover the download died :P) I'm not really sure if this is a windows thing, or an HP thing, but I'm inclined to believe it's HP, since I have never experienced this problem on other wireless systems.

System specs:
Win XP Home
Wireless: Unknown internal 54g device, uses a Broadcom driver

Other specs:


Thanks everyone for any input you may have :)


PS I'm sorry if this should go somewhere else, but I don't think this is a windows question, I figured this was probably best :)

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The first thing I would try is to go into the device manager and check the power management of your wireless card. Doesn't matter if it is internal or external card. Make sure to uncheck the box that says allow computer to turn off to save power.

Also, right-click your desktop, go the the screen saver tab, and click power. Go to advanced and make sure everything is set to never. If you use the software configuration utility that came with your wireless card, dig through that and see you can see anything that may seem to have something to do with your problem.

Try digging through your laptop and see if you can find some HP software. There may be some settings in that so you could turn that off. I am thinking like you, sounds like an HP problem. Hope this helps.

Have you by any chance e-mailed HP? Just a thought. Its either power management of something with HP. Good Luck

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Yes, right check Advanced / Power Management of the wireless card in Device Manager to turn off power saving option.

For downloads, use download managers like DAP which would pause automatically when a network disconnection happens. You would be able to resume the download from where you have left .

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