Weird video corruption on my BFG 6800GT OC

I've just recently purchased a BFG 6800GT OC AGP from a friend (second hand), after some day using the card, I found a very weird issue

My card run perfectly on games or normal applications, but every time I open a movie file (*.avi, *.mpg by Windows Media Player) my movie show very strange video corruption: color of the movie become like colors on DOS, the movie keep playing, but the color become very weird, it become too bright and too red, event when I play games, some in-game movies get the same issue (like the opening movie of Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne) but some are not (like the opening movie of World of Warcraft)

I think it is the software problem and I try using other movie player to play movies (WinAMP, Hero, Power DVD...) but nothing change, the movie keeps being weird.
Then I think it is the driver problem and I uninstall the nVidia Forceware 77.72 and try to watch the movie again (my windows do not have the nvidia driver now), surprisingly the video went normal ... but I can't play games without the driver, so I re-installed the nVidia Forceware 77.72 agian, then the issue happens again

is this because of the driver from nVidia ??
plz give me some solutions

My computer : P4 2.4Ghz, 1GB DDR 333, BFG 6800GT OC, WindowsXP SP2
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Drivers can definitely cause what you are describing, and you have proven that removing the driver removes the effect.  You have to try different versions of nVidia's drivers, because some work better than others for your particular application.

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huy302Author Commented:
thanks, I installed nVidia Forceware 66.18 and the everything went normal...

so that means the official nVidia Forceware 77.72 has error ???
I can't believe it's the official driver
I'm not surprised - they have a history of not-so-stable drivers, which may explain why they come out with new ones so often.
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