Writing or Copying a file to Client?

Is there any web language you can write a file to the client with? We have a few users that have our development version of an internet explorer toolbar, and I want to overwrite 2 xml files on the client with the live versions of them. Is there any method to do this, or will I have to settle for an ActiveX object with a digitally signed cab and have user click yes to update? This is the only method I can think of right now, load a hidden banner in the toolbar (we serve the content dynamically) have a cookie that expires in 1 hour, and if the cookie doesn't exists it uses the ActiveX object and asks them if they accept it, and the .cab does the rest. Anyone know any other alternatives?
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Browser security in the very loose pre-SP2 days prevents such actions, it would be just to big a securrity hole.  So activeX or some other exceutable will be necessary. I assume you ounly have to support IE as you suggested activeX.


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KastionAuthor Commented:
Yes, the toolbar was built for IE only, so ActiveX is pretty much all I can do it seems. I didn't think there was an alternative because of security issues but I thought I'd ask anyways. Thanks.
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