How to change item position in a Dialog box.

There is dialog box which has two items as following:
  AAA:  AAA ComboBox
  BBB:   BBB  ComboBox

I want to change it in the dialog as the following:
 AAA:  AAA ComboBox     BBB:   BBB  ComboBox

Could you help me to reslove it? My codes is as following:

final PanelBean centerPanel = new PanelBean(new SpringLayout());

final LabelBean AAALabel = new LabelBean(AAA_TEXT);

AAACombo = new PreferencableComboBoxBean( studentAAAStructs, AAA_STUDENT_ETC_COMBOBOX_PREF_KEY_STRING, "0" );

final PanelBean AAAFlowPanel = new PanelBean( new FlowLayout(FlowLayout.LEFT, 0, 0) );
Dimension prefSize = AAACombo.getPreferredSize();
AAACombo.setPreferredSize( new Dimension(185, prefSize.height) );
AAAFlowPanel.add( AAACombo );
centerPanel.add( AAAFlowPanel );

final LabelBean BBBLabel = new LabelBean(BBB_TEXT);
BBBCombo = new PreferencableComboBoxBean( BBBTypes, BBB_ETC_COMBOBOX_PREF_KEY_STRING, "0" );
final PanelBean BBBFlowPanel = new PanelBean( new FlowLayout(FlowLayout.LEFT, 0, 0) );
Dimension BBBPrefSize = BBBCombo.getPreferredSize();
BBBCombo.setPreferredSize( new Dimension(185, BBBPrefSize.height) );
BBBFlowPanel.add( BBBCombo );
centerPanel.add( BBBFlowPanel );

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Could you forget about SpringLayout and use a HorizontalBox,
with 'glue' and 'struts' you can position those 6 components as fine as you want:

    Box panel = Box.createHorizontalBox();
    panel.add(Box.createHorizontalStrut(12)); // 12 is just a guess.
    panel.add(AAAfield); // What ever that is ...
    panel.add(Box.createHorizontalGlue); // variable distance to the 2nd group, depends on the total space.
and so on.

StevenZhangAuthor Commented:
I used SpringLayout to resolve it by myself. Anyway, Thanks.
StevenZhangAuthor Commented:
The soultion is to re-arrange the panels, then adjust the parm of the following function.

SpringUtilities.makeCompactGrid(centerPanel,                                          2, 4,
                  5, 5,
                  5, 5);

Anyway, Thanks.
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