Identify duplicate records and update max record

I have a table -> cust_login (schema below) that should contain only unique login and password combinations, well we found this weekend that there are duplicate rows.  What I need is a query that will identity the duplicate rows and append a value (such as 1 or a) to the front or rear of the password (or just substitute 6 or 8 random characters as the password).  

loginid        int  (identity column)
custid         int
login          varchar(25)
psword      varchar(25)

Example of data might be -

loginid           custid             login          psword
 1                   1                  clint           123abc
 2                   2                  clint           123abc
 3                   3                  max           abc456

What I need the results of the query to be:

loginid           custid             login          psword
 1                   1                  clint           123abc
 2                   2                  clint           123abc1  - (This is the only changed row)
 3                   3                  max           abc456

As  always, I appreciate your for you help
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Try this. This should append loginid to duplicates except the row with highest loginid...

Update cust_login
Set psword = psword + loginid
From cust_login CL
Inner Join (
    Select login, psword, Max(loginid) as max_loginid from cust_login group by login, psword having count(*) > 1
) CLM On CL.login = CLM.login and CL.psword = CLM.psword and CL.loginid < CLM.max_loginid

U can append loginid to the password for all rows in cust_login (to have the unique for all) and remember, when you need query password, plus loginid from pass

then, u can use this simple query:

Update cust_login
Set psword = psword + convert(varchar(25), loginid)

Good luck.
An other way:

UPDATE       cust_login
SET       psword = psword + loginid
FROM       cust_login
WHERE        loginid in  
      SELECT  Max(loginid) as loginid
                FROM     cust_login group by login, psword
                HAVING  count(*) > 1

Good luck

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clintnashAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your input.

clintnash, the accepted answer would update password for all the duplicate rows while you asked to change all and leave one as it is - at least that is what is meant by your example.
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