Best SQL Server backup/redundancy plan for 5 store POS system to one central DB?

I wrote a basic Point of Sale program for a small retail chain - everything works fine and the system is great.  there are 5 stores about 200 miles apart that all connect via webservices to my sql server db for transactions.  Transactions happen every 5 minutes or so...  what's the best way to backup this data, there are giftcard tables and all sorts of things that are very critical financially...  cost isn't too big of an issue - but i dont' want to spend 20,000$ until they have 150 stores or what not... the datbase isn't very big nor will it ever be (i'd guess if they had 200 stores in a years time it might would be a gig if that?)...  im more concerned about accuracy of recovered data than i am about any downtime that might would occur, however that is important too...  so i'm looking for a hardware/software solution.  right now it's sql server 2000 running on a raid 10 machine.  any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Until you wanna shell out some money for a cluster, I would take a look at setting up a logshipped database to another standby server.  It could basically be a desktop server and then you always have a warm standby.

NickUAAuthor Commented:
money for a cluster honestly isn't out of the question - doesn't need to be a ridiculous cluster - the machien we have now was a couple thousand... we're SPLA through microsoft for this contract so enterprise server is within cost.  what about a back up of the database incase anything corrupts?

Honestly, the uptime and lagtime of Logshipping makes it a viable (and very cost effective) alternative to a cluster--take a serious look at it (and it doesn't require Enterprise Edition)

Backup like you normally would, probably a full or incremental at night, and then a log backup every 15-20 minutes during the day.  This will give you point in time recoverability within 15-20 minutes.  I would backup to disk (different raid group) and then move it offline to tape.  You always have a copy available on disk, and if something happens, a copy on tape.

Your POS frontend should be able to detect when the connection is down and not allow any transactions until the connection is available again.

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