dot notation and cfc

HI there
I am trying to access a cfc from a folder above the current folder im in..

I cant seem to do it.. ive tried everything and looked everywhere.

Is there a workaround to this..

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you should have maped that folder in your IIS or your CF admin and you can access that folder by just referancing it.
You can map paths in CF admin not IIS.

You cannot call CFCs relatively only absolute.
Example, create a mapping to your root folder called /myApp pointing to d:\inetpub\wwwroot\myApp\ (replace with your own values) then you can call any CFC located in that directory as

createObject( "component", "myApp.someCFC" )

createObject( "component", "myApp.someOtherDirectory.someCFC" )

createObject( "component", "myApp.someOtherDirectory.etc.someCFC" )
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chizzy60Author Commented:
how do i mapping if i have no control over the coldfusion admin..?

I dont host it.
you need to contact your provider

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I am going to call the directory that you cfc file is in "someDirectory" and the cfc someCFC

Try this:

<cfset thisPath=ExpandPath("*.*")>

and then call the cfc file like so:  #thisPath#someDirectory/someCFC
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