Help with homework??

Are you guys allowed to give guidance in homework assignments?  I am stuck on a homework question, but I am not sure where to begin and just would like a little guidance if possible.  I do not want the answer given to me, just some guidance on how to achieve the answer myself.  Can someone help?  If not I will understand... here is the question...

Networking guru Andrew Tanenbaum once said (paraphrased here), "Never underestimate the bandwidth of a delivery truck full of magnetic tape hurtling down the highway."  Explain what Tanenbaum meant, using the following scenario as an example:  (1) an industry standard 8-mm tape can store 7 GB of data; (2) a 50 x 50 x 50 cm box can store 1000 of these tapes; (3) a box of tapes can be delivered anywhere in the United States in 24 hours by Federal Express.  As part of your answer, calculate the effective bandwidth of this transmission.

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MSAJMAuthor Commented:
That would be great... I am not really clear on the meaning of this quote, but if someone could help me understand what he is meaning by this it would help tremendously with the answer to this question.  Any help you can provice would be greatly appreciated.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
This is simply a math problem.

To rephrase the question a little, if an 8-mm tape stores 7 GB, and you can ship 1000 tapes in a standard 50x50x50cm box, how many GB can sent in 24 hours?  Once that's figured out, determine the number of bits/sec efffectively transmitted (how many seconds are there in a 24 hour period (1 day))?

Interesting question by the way.  I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense.  If you have to transfer huge quantities of data you might be better off transferring them via a shipping service than attempting to do so via the internet, even if you're a LARGE company with a BIG pipe.
You may also need to factor in the number of boxes which would fit in a delivery truck...
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MSAJMAuthor Commented:
7GB X 1000 = 7000GB
24hr X 60 min X 60 sec = 86400 sec
7000gb / 86400 = .081gb/sec or 8.1mb/sec

Don't confuse megabit (Mb) with megaBYTE (MB) ;)

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MSAJMAuthor Commented:
7000GB / 86400 = .081GB/sec or 81MB/sec

Thanks for your help!!
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