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Help with homework??

Are you guys allowed to give guidance in homework assignments?  I am stuck on a homework question, but I am not sure where to begin and just would like a little guidance if possible.  I do not want the answer given to me, just some guidance on how to achieve the answer myself.  Can someone help?  If not I will understand... here is the question...

Networking guru Andrew Tanenbaum once said (paraphrased here), "Never underestimate the bandwidth of a delivery truck full of magnetic tape hurtling down the highway."  Explain what Tanenbaum meant, using the following scenario as an example:  (1) an industry standard 8-mm tape can store 7 GB of data; (2) a 50 x 50 x 50 cm box can store 1000 of these tapes; (3) a box of tapes can be delivered anywhere in the United States in 24 hours by Federal Express.  As part of your answer, calculate the effective bandwidth of this transmission.


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