Norton SystemWorks 2005 problems

Hi - Scary to read all the comments about Norton Systemworks 2005 with Windows 98, but I'm going to hope I can fix these problems as retain it, just for convenience.  I just installed it today and got 3 errors (consulted Symantec's web site, but no solution and didn't want to pay $30 for answer):

1.  When I ran WinDoctor for find and fix Windows problems, the first entry on the list of system areas they check was 'registry Doctor Registry Integrity,' and under Status it said 'ERROR!.  What is going on here?

2.  I had 2 problems that couldn't be fixed after running WinDoctor, which were missing files:

     (1) "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe" cannot access a necessary file, "mprapi.dll"  Note that I reinstalled Norton Systemworks 2005, but same error.  I did a search on mprapi.dll and saw it's associated with Windows 2000.  Is it in Windows 98?  What is "SNDSrvc.exe"?  If I don't have mprapi.dll, what won't run?  Is there any harm in finding a download of mprapi.dll on the web and downloading it into Windows 98?

     (2)  "C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstalShield\Professional\RunTime\10\01\Intel32\DotNetInstaller.exe" cannot access a necessary file, "mscoree.dll".  What is mscoree.dll?  What is DotNetInstaller.exe?  Should I find mscoree.dll on the net and download it?

Thank you!
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Greetings, LiameSterling!

1. This error may be referring to 2, not being able to fine the two missing files.  You can configure WinDoctor in ignor the errors.

2.1 mprapi.dll is a Windows 2000 file.  So do not worry about it. It will not affect Windows 98 operations. SNDSrvc.exe is a Norton AntiVirus scan service.

2.2 mscoree.dll is a .NET Framework file.  DotNetInstaller is a .NET Framework installer.  Again you do not need to worry if you do not have .NET Framework installed.

LiameSterlingAuthor Commented:
Hi, war1 - Thank you for your answer.  Some follow-up.  I noticed that in my Norton SystemWorks 2005 NOrton Utilities, under Registry Management, it says Registry Editor and Registry Tracker are not installed.  So maybe number 1 above refers to the fact that Registry Doctor is not installed?  Is Registry Doctor a Norton application or a Windows application?

Re: the missing files.  From past experience (with my previous version of Norton), I've had missing files, but nothing re: a registry doctor issue.

I appreciate that info about the two missing files.  I will let the DotNetInstaller problem go, as you suggest.  Re: the SNDSrvc.exe issue - will it scan my system for viruses properly without that mprapi.dll file?  Is this an error on Symantec's part, i.e., it says it's compatible with Windows 98, but you need mprapi.dll for the scanning to work right and that file isn't in Windows 98?  Any helpful comments would be appreciated!
Registry Editor is a Windows program and Norton Utilities program.  I assume it is referring to NSW registry editor. Not sure why it is not downloaded.

Registry Tracer is a Norton Utilities program.  Did it not download when you installed NSW?

>> Re: the SNDSrvc.exe issue - will it scan my system for viruses properly without that mprapi.dll file?

Yes, it will check for virus properly.   mprapi.dll is module that contains functions used to administer Microsoft Windows 2000 routers.

>> it says it's compatible with Windows 98, but you need mprapi.dll for the scanning to work right and that file isn't in Windows 98?

No, you do not need mprapi.dll to scan for virus correctly. "Compatibility" is a tricky.  It does not mean everything will work. If you have only the above problems, then you doing alright.  You have seen from the internet how much trouble NSW 2005 gives to Windows 98 users.

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Quick note:

By Registry Editor,  LiameSterling means Norton Registry Editor.

This and Norton Registry Tracker are included in the Registry Management tools of NSW.

If you want to use them you must rerun setup and install them.

Anyway, I would not recommend them, or NSW2004/5, to be used with Win9x/Me.

As pointed above, if these are the only problems you have with NSW2005, you're OK.


I had a problem with Norton Aantivirus installing properly. When I uninstalled it, it still left code in the registry. Thus, for some reason upon reinstallation I had the same problem.

Then I found NONAV.exe on McAfee's site and used it to clean up the registrry after I removed again Norton through the control panel. Upon reinstallation Norton worked. I do not remember how I found the program on McAfee's site, but here is another site that you can download the program:



A correction, Nonav is an unofficial Symantec tool:

NONAV is an unsupported Symantec tool for removing files and registry keys from Norton Antivirus / Symantec Antivirus. This is helpful for example when an upgrade from an older version fails and you need to prepare the machine for a clean re-installation.

The tool can be sent out to customers as long as they have been informed that nonav is an unsupported tool without warranty and provided "as-is".

It has nothing to do with McAfee.


And use this download link:

For a zipped file that includes everything you need to know about Nonav, very interesting.

Take a look.

Blue-Zee: I knew that, and forgot to mention it. Anyway it works just fine.

We have not heard from you? Did any comment help you solve your problem? Do you have any more questions? If an Expert help you, please accept his/her answer with an excellent or good grade.

Thanks, war1

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LiameSterlingAuthor Commented:

Hi - Thanks for the responses and sorry for the delay.  I was able to get some help from Symantec support - it seems like some things ended up not having been installed and they led me through a manual install for that.

With respect to the MPRAPI.DLL error - I did a search in Symantec's Knowledge Base and found the same error but with another Symantec program.  It seemed like it would work for this and it did.  I think the problem is that for Windows 98, it was the iphlpapi.dll file that needed to be revised (see below) and the error message just didn't take into account it was Windows 98, which had no mprapi.dll file.  I hope I'm making sense because it was a few weeks ago and I can't remember all my thinking.  Anyhow, here is the link to the article and the article itself.  It solved the problem.

Document ID:2003103013462254
Last Modified:07/20/2004

Error: "A required DLL file MPRAPI.DLL, was not found."
This error occurs when starting Windows 98. Clicking OK allow Windows to continue to load. When you attempt to start the Symantec Enterprise VPN Client, the message appears again and the client will not open.

The problem occurs due to an incompatible iphlpapi.dll that is located in the %system%\system folder. The incompatible version of the dynamic link library may have been installed by a third-party product. The most recent Windows 98 iphlpapi.dll that is supplied by Microsoft is version 5.00.1717.2.
Linksys WPC54G Wireless Card Configuration Utility is one piece of software that is known to update the iphlpapi.dll file. If the driver is installed without the configuration utility, the problem should not occur.

To replace the original iphlpapi.dll file

Verify the version of the iphlpapi.dll file that is installed on the Windows 98SE computer. If the version is later than 5.00.1717.2, it may have been updated by a third-party product.
Replace the newer version of the iphlpapi.dll with iphlpapi.dll version 5.00.1717.2. The original iphlpapi.dll file is available on the Windows 98SE installation CD in the file.

Note: You may have to boot to a Windows 98 start-up disk to rename and replace the iphlpapi.dll file

Restart your computer.

Symantec Enterprise VPN Client should be able to run properly now.

Note: After reinstalling the original iphlpapi.dll file, use of the Linksys configuration utility or the WPC54G card itself may be affected in unpredictable ways. 802.11G is currently unsupported with the Symantec Enterprise VPN Client.


Glad you got the problem solved.  Did you mean to accept my comments because one led you to finding the problem?  Which comment did you mean to accept? The once that you accepted is meant only as a query to your status.
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