reading files in a dir from windows machine.. php running on linux

hi experts,

i want to know is it possible for a php script which is running on linux, to read files in a directory which resides in windows platform?

i have a php program/script running on a linux server. most of the users here are using windows platform.

wut this program do is pretty simple. get the directory path from the user where inside the directory exists like a hundred text files. the program will read all the files in the directory, perform some tasks and put the output into a folder.

so how do I:
a) read the files in the directory specified by the user which is using windows platform on their local machine.
b) is it possible for php to read files from the client side?

would appreciate it if could give/suggest other way/method of doing this.

thank you.
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>>b) is it possible for php to read files from the client side?
No. Because PHP is serverside, it is not possible to look through folders on the client's computer. If this were possible, it would be an enormous security risk. I would suggest you have your users make a zip file containing all the text files, and upload that to your server. Then you can unzip the files on your server like this:

for uploading examples, look here:

Then you can process each file, and generate an output file for the user to download. For example, if your output is text, and it is in the string $output, you could do:

$fname = 'output.txt';

header('Content-type: text/plain');
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="' .$fname.'"');
echo $output;

which will force the browser to pop up a download window so the client can save the output on their computer. Note that if you use the header function like this, you have to call it before you send ANY other text to the browser.

Hope that helps.

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If you are considering a PHP command-line and not a server-side web page, then the Linux machine will need to mount (smbmount) the files of the Windows machine through a Windows share.  Obviously this will need an installation of Samba on the Linux machine to perform the mount operation.  Once the Windows share is mounted then your script can parse the directory through the mount point as per any other mounted partition/mapping.
cywingsAuthor Commented:
hmmm nicholassolutions--> will try it out, give me some time...

users require minimum command-line and more on GUI's betta if users can just click around to get the program working as desired.

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