outlook 2003 send recieve missing

hello all i have a wierd one that i cannot seem to figure out.

i have a user that is running outlook 2k3 and her send and recieve button is gone, from the main window.
i have reset the tool bar and sitll nothing.
the wierd part is when you fire up outlook and initially it is there and then it disapears.

the other wierd thing is she has several email accounts set up and i cannot change one to the other making it default.

i have tried to unistall outlook and reinstall but i am obviously doing some thing inccorect because when i open outlook from the new install it is the same old outlook.

i have the pst backed up but it is still using the old pst and did not ask for a new account.

any help appreciated.

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Most probably the profile  has got corrupted.
take a backup of all ur mails
go to control panel >mail >delete the profile and recreate the profile again.
but before that Try clicking Help/Detect and repair...
and see if that works

Note that that the send-receive buttons shows up only if the focus is on a mail folder.  
If you are in contacts or others , the button wont show up.
Hi too9slow,

Disable MS AntiSpyware and see if you get the Send/Receive button back. If disabling MS AntiSpyware does not work, then disable anti-virus program, popup blocker, ad blocker and firewall one at a time.

If no joy, perform a system restore back to a time when Outlook work properly.

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too9slowAuthor Commented:

do you mean the ms program antispyware or is there one built into outllook 2k3?

and i have deleted the profile and reinstalled with a new profile the same thing happens.

she does not have a restore point on this machine (some one diabled it and did not reenable).

thanks for the reponses

>> do you mean the ms program antispyware

Yes, I mean the one on Windows XP.  A client has a siimilar problem, and disabling the AntiSpyware program fixed the problem.
Have you try adding the icon to the tool bar? in Outlook 2k3 go to view, Toolbars, Custumize, under category click standard and under commands click send/receive.

click on the send/receive icon, you will see a + sign and drag it to a toolbar, see if that works.

too9slowAuthor Commented:

sorry for not getting back to this post

here is the update

i tried to add it again from the tool bar menu ---- no go.

i tried to disable all virus and such -- still no go.

i guess i will have to find a way to uninstall outlook so no trace is left so i can completly reinstall the program.

as above i have uninstalled and reinstalled wit ha reboot but it does not unisntall completley because it does not ask me to set up a new user, and the data is still there.

did u try my suggestions ? recreating a new profile and checking ?
>> i guess i will have to find a way to uninstall outlook so no trace is left

To remove Outlook 2003, you need to uninstall MS Office.  Then use this utility to clean up the registry


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too9slowAuthor Commented:
sajuks -- yes tried that and all the profiles are the same no send and recieve

war1 -- thanks for the link for the clean up util i am goiing to try backing up the pst and then uninstalling and reinstalling outlook and then re associating of the pst.

thanks again for the input.

i will let you know what happens.

too9slowAuthor Commented:
so i had to create a new user and inport the .pst file into the new user.

i tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still not send and recive but as soon as i created a new user and copyed the .pst over everything worked..

very wierd

thanks for the input
Glad you got Outlook working.
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