How to make a Local printer appear as a network printer

I have a HP Laser Jet 4050 attached as a local printer via a parallel port. I wish to be able to access this printer from a third party application elswere on the nework which only can access a printer via an IP address.

So my problem is: How do I make this printer appear to have an IP address?

 I am given to believe that this can be done with Unix Print Services but I am not sure how to proceed any ideas anyone?
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Michael PfisterCommented:
Yes, on your workstation install Print Services for Unix. After that share your local printer if not already done.
Now other workstations on your netwok can print to your local printer (via LPD).
You can check this from another 2000/XP workstation by issuing:

lpq -S <IP/name of your ws sharing the printer> -P <share name of your local printer>

Hope it helps,


have you considered using a network print server appliance?

They cost around $50-100 and work great.  

electricspyderAuthor Commented:

This will make you laugh, the HP LaserJet is a 4050N with a jetdirect card already installed but the location prevents me from installing an additional wall socket for reasons I will not go into here. Suffice to say that this was working with the third party app using UNIX printing services previously but it appears to have inexplicably stopped doing so for some reason.
electricspyderAuthor Commented:

I have done this and can see the print queue via the command prompt as you suggest yet the third party app is still not working for some reason. Is there any way to simulate a print job direcgted to this IP address? Where can I learn more detail about UNIX Print Services?
Michael PfisterCommented:

You can send a print job via LPR. Create a c:\testpage.txt with some text in it then:

lpr -S <IP/name of your ws sharing the printer> -P <share name of your local printer> C:\testpage.txt

hope it helps,


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