Radeon 9250

Hello.  I would like a list of games the 9250 cannot play.  It would be much appreciated to have upcoming games as well.  Is it basically all DX9 games?  An MX440 can run HL2, but in software mode.

Thank you very much!
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Maybe we're approaching the problem the other way around. It might be more logical to list the games you want to play, check out their requirements and then see if the radeon 9250 can support it.

The Radeon 9250 is supports up to DX 8.1 (according to their site). So theoretically, games that are in the DX 8.1 generation and below should work. The later games would be an issue of trial and error. Usually, the site that provides the official information on the game should be in the position to say if the card will support the game or not.

So it's more of doing research on your part. :)

Good luck!
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
I've always found it helpful to start researching compatibility after posting on experts-exchange about it so that mutliple people can look at the same time.  Thanks for the tip, but I don't want to play any games on the 9250.  I just want a list of games that will not play on it.

The plan:
I would like people to post, in no particular order, games that they find will not play with a 9250.  I'm starting it with Battlefield 2.  Please join the effort that will result in nothing greater than points for the most effervescent.
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
Prince of Persia - Warrior Within has driver-caused issues, it seems.
Also, the Grand Theft Auto series.

What are the graphics engines these games use?
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rado Not Much basically all of todays games will not play or it will just be a horrendous experience. Most games themselves list a minumum card but I have found that most times that is not enough even on low quality settings.
Also EYE CANDY more and more people are running 16Xaa on all highest quality settings  New games HL2,CSS ETC.. will run a low framerate with Quality set highest and choke sometimes.
Also what is Acceptable to you beacuse it may play at 3 FPS and look like a power point presentation but it is still playing.
Curious to what you are getting at. I could check all games for compatibility but that would also be a waste.
Also the system could vary greatly and take up the slack. Could you please try to give us a benchmark system. Ohterwise this would be no where near accurate. Thanks, D1
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
I have a 3GHz LGA P4 on an 865PE Abit AS8 with 1024MBs of dual channel ram.  I don't plan to keep the card.  I'm just trying it out so that I can try it out.  In 3DMark 2001SE, it got 5252 3D marks.  With a 9600XT, I got over 16,000 3D marks.  However, 2001 SE is in no way representative of today's games.  3DMark 2003 showed the card is able to do a healthy 793 3D marks.  I don't remember how the 9600XT did on that, but it was above 4,000.

Since 3DMark 2005 cannot run (I've tried it) on the 9250, is it safe to assume that all the games based on 05's rendering will not run on the card?

I really don't think it's a bad card.  It handles most non-ultra realistic racing games and such very well.  HL2 runs in DX 8.1, and it's very smooth.

Running at 3 frames per second is unacceptable to me.  3D applications need to run at about 30fps, though I prefer 40 and above.  I remember that my old GeForceFX 5200 used to run games at about the same framerates as this card, and it wasn't so bad at the time.  The only problem with this card is its lifespan in a gaming machine.
Radio 3Dmark 01 is more of an overall system test a very good one too. 03 is a Video card benchmark as well as 05 they both use very little of the CPU.
It is not a bad card I would take it over onboard Video but it is very slow.
Here are some of my benches on a similar system http://www.xpnt.com/page8.html 
This was my bench on my P4 system with a Bios modded to XT 9800 Pro 3Dmark 03 With the 6800GT is was low 13,000 range.
Score: 7519    
Date:  2004-05-29
CPU:  Intel Pentium 4 3759 MHz
479 MHz / 371 MHz
OS:  Microsoft Windows XP
Res:  1024x768@32 bit


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Rado if your looking to get a real nice card without spending alot of money. A 9800 Pro most all of the ones now are R360 Cores the same as the XT it is a very easy bios flash. Mine was one of the First cards a r350 core but the flash went well as you can see 7519 in 03. R360 core is basically a guarenteed good flash. And if not you can either blind flash it back or use a PCI Card to flash the original bios back.
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
I am not worried about video cards that much because I'm planning to upgrade to something really nice.  I just took the 9250 as the middleman in a sale, and I want to find out, for my own interest, which games it plays.  My friend has a 9800XT, and another one has a 6600GT.  The 6600GT seems to be faster, and 3DMark 2003 benchmarks from Tom's Hardware show this.  In '05, the 9800XT loses severely.  And the 9250 doesn't even play one test.  But I'm fine.  I was planning on getting at least a 9800 Pro because the version with 128-bit memory is only about $120.
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
Hello again!  Having finished my Radeon 9250 testing, I have moved on to a 9800XT 256MB video card.  But the testing was nice, though slow.  It seems that the 9250 has become obsolete in terms of today's games, but yesterday's games run well on it.  It's not really that interesting because it heats up a lot, and its huge heatsink that extends around the pushpins gets very, very hot after nothing but web browsing.  The 9800XT also heats up, and even more so, but that's understandable, seeing as how it was the king of the hill for months.

It seems that I have nothing good to say considering any type of use of the 9250 because it gets very hot and underperforms based on other similarly clocked video cards.  Any other comments?
Rado I got 7550 on 3d mark 03 with a 9800 Pro 128MB or 256Bit memory and that was a while back. Put the zalman Cooler on that 9800XT and your good for andther %25 overclock while running at lower temps.
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16835118116 about $30 shipped from newegg worth every penny and simple to put on.
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