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The following assumes I have an a user in an authenticated session..

I understand how an upload to a file directory works.. What I want to know is how once that file is uploaded, do I only make it available to that user..

Say I upload it to:

Whats to stop another user trying to download that file if they guess the URL? how do I make it a little more secure with my php / mysql site & authentication so only that user can download the file? Should I store it in the MySql database or can some security be implemented at the file system level..


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check this out:

and you will need to refer the location of your htpasswd file in your httpd.conf

hope this helps.
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re: http:Q_21131507.html

so what url shows up on the download then if it is a url that can't be directly accessed? Or does just the filename show?
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you can use download.php?file=/user1/file.doc as URL and implement that check in download.php
but if you do that, the user will know the location of the file right?
unless, you password-protect that folder,
and also do the checking in download.php, then it will do double authentication...
What I usualy do is to store in a DB which user has uploaded what. I save the files in one directory where the direct access through http is denied or say outside the web space.
so in the DB I have
file_id auto_increment

and then the download should go through a php script say
in that file you have to check if the file with ID 5 is uploaded by this user and then pass the file
$file is the file name from the DB
$uploaddir is the directory of the uploaded files
header("Content-type: application/x-something");
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=".$file);
$filename = $uploaddir.$file;
if (file_exists($filename))

you have to be careul though...
how about something like this..... just a guide, fill in the coding

for uploading.....

$save_file_as = md5($password.$upload_filename).$user; /* save the file as an extensionless md5 hash lets see someone (a) guess the name and (b) be able to access it through a browser */
$add_file_name_to_user_db = $upload_filename; /* save the real filename to the user database for accessing it later */

for accessing the file.......

$temp_filename = md5($password.$filename_from_user_db).$user); /* recreate our md5 hash */
copy($temp_filename,$filename_from_user_db); /* create a copy of the extensionless md5 hash file and save it as our filename*/

now you have a copy to play with, just remember to delete it when you have finished using it, even better read the $temp_filename into a tmpfile() and the copy will delete itself at end of script (or with fclose), you can even perform rollback operations etc if you append the file.


Well, sounds like its a little "hacky" anyway we go..

naskovoto ?? Why did you say you have to be careful with your script?

May end up just storing them in a database, maybe an easier way to go, and I can do things like version control etc..

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