ActiveX exe calling from asp


Kindly assist what could be missing, when calling from asp nothing shows up no error but when using vb to access the activeX it does return the value.

Tried placing a msgbox in the activex fuction, it does return a value. EDDYKT wrote the amazing activex function.

dim wApp
Set wApp = Server.Createobject("ActiveXEXE.Class1")
Response.Write "<P> " & wApp.GetValue("test") & " </P>"

Private Sub Command1_Click()
dim wApp
Set wApp = Createobject("ActiveXEXE.Class1")
print wApp.GetValue("test")
End Sub

Kindly assist what could be wrong with the asp side, it's not displaying any error can we troubleshoot furthur?

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
Is the ActiveXExeClass installed on the (ASP) Server?
EdwardPeterAuthor Commented:

The activex exe is running on the client workstation where asp is being opened.

the activex exe needs to be running on the client since it's querying information from the client workstation.

Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
>>Set wApp = Server.Createobject("ActiveXEXE.Class1")

This line DEFINITIVELY creates the obect on server side!

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EdwardPeterAuthor Commented:

I see your point, can you kindly assist how to go about the problem at hand?

How can we call the activex exe from where the user open it's browser.

Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
Maybe this helps (note: basically for intranet use)
If you want an ActiveX to open on the client, you need to find its class ID and make an object, with the HTML.  Something like:

            'MY ASP BITS

    <!-- MY HTML BITS -->


            <OBJECT id="myObject"

                <PARAM name="Paramater01" value="this" />
                <PARAM name="Paramater02" value="that" />
                <PARAM name="Paramater03" value="other" />

                <IMG src="no_activex.gif" alt="You cannot display the ActiveX control" />




will work in IE6 (probably not in Netscape, Opera or Firefox).


EdwardPeterAuthor Commented:

What you say open do you mean query the data from the client side or open as in launch the applciation?

EdwardPeterAuthor Commented:

I'm sure i'm misunderstood you, not sure what you mean by >>If you want an ActiveX to open on the client<<

The activeX exe is running on the client side, i've execute the exe file my self, sadly now, I'm stuck on how to run asp to initiate on client side for activex exe. can you kindly assist?

without a webserver the asp page cannot be either u need to have a webserver.Or write the client script which executes on the client side invoking the exe using the object tag and client side events on buttons.
EdwardPeterAuthor Commented:
Got it!!!

I'll repost the question to javascript since I've read that it's possible to control the activex using javascript and calling the javascript from the asp.

Thanks so much for the time and patience
>> I'm sure i'm misunderstood you, not sure what you mean by >>If you want an ActiveX to open on the client<<

The same way a movie loads in a web page -- the media player's ActiveX is created, as an object, on the client's machine.  If the client does not have the ActiveX (i.e. does not recognise the classid), nothing happens.  If the client does, an instance of the ActiveX is created.  Once the ActiveX is created, you can manipulate it with JavaScript, referring to the id of your object.

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