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I didn't see a designatated TA for PSP.

My wife uses PSP and is complaining that it runs slowly. It is particularly slow to start up.

Also it complains about shortage of memory frequently when she is editing ( I have 1Gb Ram ).

Now I know she has lots and lots of documents on the PC but I can't see what PSP would be doing to slow itself down unless it is retrieving info from the default directory (which is rather massive).

What does PSP do at start up? What can be done to speed up and optimise the running of PSP?

Help please.


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Andrew CroftsAsked:
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Hi andy,

Try reducing the amount of installed fonts. Using a font management program like Font Reserve is vital. Graphics programs like PSP enumerate all the installed fonts (load the fonts to memory) so the more fonts installed the more memory will be taken by fonts you may not need.

You could also get her to reduce the amount of Undo steps possible; that eats up RAM as well. Save the working file often to reduce the strain on RAM. Close any other apps she may not be using or needing; if there's more than 10 icons in the Tray that's a few too many. If she needs to surf while working, tell her to stay away from pages that reload JavaScript, like auto-updating message boards; those things eat RAM like crazy as well.

Let's start with that and see how it goes.

Good Vibes!


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I had the same problem with the GIMP.  I uninstalled about half my fonts and it sped the program up dramatically.

(give my poinx to lobo...he was here first.)
HI, you're such a nice guy.... I'm moved :o)
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yeah yeah...
This is not the first time I've lost poinx to ya...
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heyyyy I resent that. I'll keep the poinks, tho ;o)
Andrew CroftsAuthor Commented:
Thanks. With number of fonts installed I believe it is likely to be the cause. I am sorting her out with some font mangement sw and we'll see what happens.

Headidiot: which points of yours am I to give to lobo? ;-)

Can I be cheeky and ask another q while I am here? on the subject of saving the working file. She says she can't save work in progress because she has to flatten the layers.

I doubt this is true but haven't had time to look yet.

I presume it is easy enough to save work and keep all the layers seperate?
She should be able to save in native PSP format and keep her layers intact, yup.
Andrew CroftsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Andy. Glad to be of help!
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