open MS outlook email with attachment.

working on jdk1.5 i need to open microsoft outlook with an email id and an attachment attached. have coded following.
But this only opens the outlook but no attachment. any ideas how to correct this piece of code?
 try {
      String stLineSep; // String containing the system line separator
      // Line separator:
      stLineSep = System.getProperty("line.separator"); //   Get it

          new String[] {"rundll32",
          "mailto:" + "&attachment=" + "c:\\xx.txt"}
    catch (Exception ex) {
RAJESH SHARMASenior Product Development SpecialistAsked:
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Not sure 'with attachment' is supported
RAJESH SHARMASenior Product Development SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Or any alternative solution?
Check if it is possible through JDIC or JDNC.

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This may be worth looking at:

You could also maybe consider sending the mail independently using JavaMail
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