Slow RDP connection time from clients to TS server after replacing old 2003 Domain Controller

A long one for you:
We are trying to get a new 2003 Domain Controller to takeover the role of the existing old 2003 Domain Controller, we want to remove the old 2003 server completely.
We have DCPROMO'd the new server, with AD-integrated DNS setup.
We have moved all FSDM roles to the new server. Enabled Global Catalog.
Now we shutdown the old Domain Controller. Note we have not demoted it yet, is this mandatory at this stage? We thought it'd be a good idea to leave it as is, just shut it down in case any problems arise, then once we are happy we can DCPROMO and demote the old server. Is this ok?
Now, almost everything appears to be working fine, except when a client machine initiates a Terminal Session using RemoteDesktopConnection to our TS box. It will take approximately 30-60 seconds to bring up the login screen, it sits there saying 'connecting to <ip address here>', then finally pops up.
When I turn the old DC back on, and try initiate the TS connection again from the client, it is instant. I turn the old DC off again, the connection takes atleast 30-60seconds again.
I have completely disabled the DNS service on the old DC to see if it is a DNS problem, but even when this is disabled yet the old DC is powered on, the client still has instant connection to the TS box.
Note: it is only a problem RDP'n this particular TS box, the connections are instant if I test to any other server.
I have checked the DNS settings on this particular TS box and they are correctly pointing to the new DC, not the old one.
The TS box is running 2003 server. There are no problems pinging from client to TS, nor are there problems connecting to shares on the TS. It only appears to be the initial RDP connection from ANY client to the TS box. I have tried removing the TS server from the domain, then adding it again. Still no luck.

Thanks for your help.
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Did you reboot the Client machines ?

When you mess with DNS or WINS, it's recommended that you reboot the machines connecting to them, in order to add the new routes and suffixes and. . .

Also try to run "NBTSTAT -RR" in your client machines to refresh the WINS Names.

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Don't know for sure...but does this DC contain any other AD roles:  Especially check that you have a Global Catalog in your domain...maybe the downed server is the only GC?  Check sites and services for this...

The other FSMO roles  should be checked...;en-us;255690
tobyacklandAuthor Commented:
Yes I tried rebooting the client machines, doing ipconfig /renew, flushing dns etc. Also rebooted the problem TS server.
We don't have WINS installed on the server, nor configured on the clients.
The new DC does have Global Catalog enabled, made sure of this before I downed the old DC.
I have double-checked the FSMO roles are on the new DC.

It's very strange because it is only a problem when connecting to the single 2003 TS box. We bring the old DC back online (even with DNS disabled), and the problem goes away. Connecting to any other server using RDP has no problem.

Thanks for the replies - unfortunately still no luck :)
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Other things worth checking:

1) With the old DC server totally offline- Reboot the TS server and then check the Event logs for errors.  Something might show up that will tell us what is happening in the logs.
2) Verify that you have a valid TS license server in your environment.  Maybe the hang is caused by the TS license server bing missing?  Although, I think you would not be able to login at all if this was true...
3) Make sure that the TS server's TCP/IP settings are correct...especially regarding DNS.  (Although, I think you already did this)
4) What happens when you login locally to the TS server?  Is there a slow login?
5) Remove the TS server from the domain and rejoin it to the domain while the old DC is offline.
tobyacklandAuthor Commented:
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