Memory Leak Applications

Hi all

I have an app that is running out of memory, now the heap size is currently set to 2gig, which is pure overkill (Should be max of 256), and it still manages to create enough threads/connections to bomb the application out.

I was wondering if anyone knew of an application that can take a basic java file (or even a jar or class) and step on through it, making sure all connections that are opened are closed (Databases, LDAP, closing Threads etc)

I have the Rational Suite, and trying using Purify, but because of the nature of the application I was unable to run it against Purify, hence why I was hoping to use a Java file, or Class...

Any ideas?
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Forget about it, 2G is insane.
You better review your source or add some reporting code in it.
Usually you'll see the 'unreturned' objects this way.

directxBOBAuthor Commented:
Problem is I dont have total control over it, only a small portion of this code is mine. The rest I cant really touch, not even to put in system.outs
In that case, if the problem is not in your code, give up and run!

Try JProbe;

Free eval should provide you with enough info to isolate the leak.

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