Windows XP Pro (OEM)Installation problems

I have recently purchased XP PRO OEM OS and tried to install on a new Hard disk. After some initial hickups I managed to install the OS. But My motherboard came with a installation disk (Intel 845 GBV). It has applicaions like active monitor, application accelerator etc. More importantly it has set up for the on board Lan card (10/100/1000/wireless). So I tried to install this. Specially my intention is to install the lan connetion for internet. After it goes thru a couple of time rebooting in between etc. Something happens and I cannot boot any more. I chose safemode and several alternaives but no use. After the familiar Windows XP screen it simply reboots. I cant see wha message it is giving, becaus it refreshes so fast. Donno what to do now. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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You are likely experiencing a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) and XP configurations, by default, auto-reboot in these circumstances.  You mentioned you can get into Safe Mode.  Enter the Start->Control Panel once in Safe Mode and locate the System option (in Performance and Maintenance section of Category view).  Once the System properties are up, click on the Advanced tab and uncheck the Automatically Restart option.  OK your way out & reboot.  What should happen on normal boot now is the BSoD will occur and remain on screen.  Note those details down & post them here.

Most likely the cause of the problem is to do with one of the drivers you have put onto the system.  Again in the System properties, this time under the Hardware tab, click the Device Manager & check to see if any of the items there have a red cross on the icon for it.  If none, start uninstalling the drivers that you installed.  To do so, right-click the appropriate item in the list & choose Properties and then under the Driver tab click Uninstall.  Reboot & check if that device has made any difference...
falcon051997Author Commented:
Sorry to mislead you. I could not do safemode and any of the various safemode options it gives. It quickly reboots without letting me even read what is on the screen. One thing for sure. After installing winodws XP. The first think I tried to install is the INTEL Motherboad setup disk. My intention is to get the LAN cnnection going so tha I can log on to internet and activate my windows etc. May be the Intel driver disk I got is old and not compatible.. I am not sure. But there should be a way out.
Hi falcon.

It seems you have two alternatives in that case... The first to bite the bullet & start all over with a new install and the second is to perform a Repair Install.  Personally, I'd opt for the first as your only just beginning with the installation but if you want to know what's involved in the Repair Install, check out for a good overview.
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it is not normal anyway that the system reboots.
check the motherboard setup disk first, if it is the right one for this motherboard. Anayway, i could not find it on the intel site : (so check the mobo model and post it here, then we can guide you to the downloads  for the drivers.
falcon051997Author Commented:
comment to nobus.
Yes theboard is about 3 or more years old. Its model is D845GBV. it is listed under the retired intel boards.

Comment to Barthax. Since i didnt install anything yet, I jus reinstalled again. This time I have not used the INTEL Motherboard Disk yet. But I dont have the Lan connection because of that. I donno what to do next. Also, how would I get the inter application accelerator going. It is supposed to speed up hardisks, CDRoms etc. Needless to say i am lost.

I am actually thinking of installing my Acronis trueimage and take an Image and store it. So that if something goes wrong I just copy the image and avoid going thru the installation.
The latest drivers for the motherboard are available from - if you check on the CD you have you should be able to locate the relevant .inf file for the LAN card & check the version that is on the CD.  You are likely to find that is it older.  If you can get the latest XP driver onto the machine you are likely to not have the symptoms you have already experienced.  Note that you should get the chip set drivers into the XP install before any of the component's drivers.  Also, ensure you use the System Restore so that you can revert a to before a driver if things go wrong (though this still won't help if it goes as badly wrong as just now...).

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falcon051997Author Commented:
comment barthax
How do I get the chip set drivers into XP install?
the disk has several drivers to be installed. 1. chipset 2.Lan 3. USBpatch..6. Application accelerator.
I only chose 1., 2 and 6. The ones inbetween I skipped. ( for ex. the USB Patch when I tried to install it failed to install anyway.. I dont know which of these giving problem. Please advice how to go about. thanks.
hi mate just a quick note i have come across a lot of errors with the Application accelerator on xp sp2 setups i wood skip it for now
falcon051997Author Commented:
Comment to Barthax
I followed your advice. Used the latest drivers. installed them one at a time and all of them successfully.
Good to hear (err.. read).. :)
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