How good is this Mesh Computer??

If you go here :

I have configured it and upgraded the following :

Microsoft Windows XP Pro 64 bit edition

AMD Athlon 64 x 2 4400 + Dual Core

1024mb PC3200 DDR 400 mhz RAM

256 Mb Nvidia 6800 GT

19" TFT

DVI Cable

Creative Labs Audigy 4 external sound card

Creative labs 7.1 T7900 speaker system


The rest of the things I left the same because I already own a pioneer dvd rw dual layer DVR 109 burner which I can stick into the system along with 2 IDE hard drives.

I just wanted to know what all you experts think to this spec and especially the processors because I have never had an AMD system for a long time and I want opinions on the processors I have as well as what speed are they meant to be in ghz ??

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Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportAsked:
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That's a really beefy machine - what are you planning to do with it?  
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportAuthor Commented:
Everything from gaming ie playing doom 3 to watching movies, programming and work :)

Can you explain what you think to the CPU's , I mean will they be any good for Doom 3 or stuff like that ?
That is a state-of-the-art machine - the AMD x2 dual core processors just came out and are extremely expensive, relative to the older single core, so unless you actually need it, you're spending a lot of money.  I have an Athlon64 3000+ Winchester core which runs at 1.8GHz, but I have successfully overclocked it 37%, which would put it in the 4000+ range equivalent.  They have the highest memory bandwidth I have experienced, and if you aren't doing video or audio encoding, they are the fastest cpus available.  A 4400+ is roughly the same speed as a P4 4.4GHz, but it probably runs closer to 2.8GHz clock speed.  The AMDs accomplish more work per clock cycle, which is why they can run slower, but get the same work done as an Intel.

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I have a similiar machine but with an athlon 64 3200.
There is not a game I can't play at the highest settings (except Doom 3, since the Ultra setting requires a 512mb card, which is ridiculous).

But I wouldn't go with the 64-bit version of windows..... Driver support is sketchy and there isn't really any reason for it.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportAuthor Commented:
You say It needs a 512 mb card for the utlra setting so does that mean the graphics card on it wont let me play doom 3 ??

I mean I used a geforce 3 and an nvidia 5900 FX and they played doom 3 fine , although the geforce 3 only just managed to do it.
no, You can play Doom 3 at the High setting, which looks amazing.  It's just that the guys a Id software decieded to look into the future when people will have 512mb cards.  I've got a 256mb 6800GT.... and its an awesome card.... Doom 3's Ultra setting is ridiculous and there is no need to spend triple the money for a 512mb card which in some cases is not as fast as the fastest 256mb card (ATI has a x800 512mb card thats not as fast as the x850 256mb card, unless your playing Doom 3 at the Ultra settings).

If you did want to go crazy and buy the fastest video card out there I'd recomend a nVidia 7800GTX...which just came out.  Of course the price is around $599 compared to the 6800 GT's $299-$399 price range (and is still a 256mb card).  But honestly that 6800 GT is an awesome card and will have you fragging at high framerates for the next few years.

All-in-all that is a sweet rig... anytime that they specify the motherboard used (ASUS makes great boards)  and other internal parts its usually a sure bet that the machine is pretty solid.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportAuthor Commented:
I will keep that in mind :) I will probably be getting this or a simmiliarly speced machine in a few months time but I just wanted to get a heads up on whats available basically hence all my computer related questions such as the ones regarding the dell XPS Gen 2 etc.

Anyway Thanks for all the input :)

I will leave this question open a while longer just to see if I get any more input on it.
By the way, given that this is a state-of-the-art machine, why isn't the memory brand specified?  I don't think generic PC3200 is as good as certain manufacturers, like Corsair, Kingston HyperX, Crucial, Mushkin, OCZ, or Patriot.  Overclockers generally choose the best brands available, because that's what it takes to push their machines to the limit.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportAuthor Commented:
Thats what I was thinking but I wasnt sure if I was over looking something or something stupid so I didnt say anything lol.

I wont be able to get a machine like this for a few months because none of the companies will finance me so Im stuck without a machine that works correctly until I save up :(
I used to swear by my standard Gateway Computers with Pentium processors, gecko.  But that was then and now days I build my own.  I'm on my third homebuilt and they always include an Athlon processor.  Currently, My computer is a AMD Athlon 2700 with a single 1 gig stick of Corsair Ram.  i don't need to overclock as I am not a gamer as it sounds like you are.  Also at this time, I don't feel the urge to go to the 64 bit threshold.  Most of the software is 32 bit based so what for.

i would really like to build another for myself and it would include the works (case with Plexiglas doors, lights and color coded

This is where it's happening:

Here's what I do.

Spec out a system at Alienware, Flacon-Northwest, or any company that list detailed specs of the Hardware.
Look up the prices for all of the parts at zipzoomfly,newegg, or any good site that sells parts.

I guarantee that the total is drastically less than what any of the sites charge for thier computers.

Granted you do not get a warranty, except on indiviual parts, but you save a ton of cash.
If this computer is for primarily gaming, then the X2 4400 is a waste of money because the 4000+single core will out "game" it for about 150 bucks less. Again, if this is a gamer, why not go 100 bucks more and get the FX55.
Unless you are planning to surf the internet, while watching a movie and....playing your game, a dual core cpu does not make much sense at this point in time. That may change as new games may opt to take advantage of the new possibilities.
Buy a single core 4000 or FX cpu and put any left over money toward the new nVidia 7800GTX...better gaming with the faster single core cpu and as much gpu as you can afford.
Check Anandtech, Tom's Hardware, PC Stats, Hexus....good reviews 'bout this same topic.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks for everyones help !!

I am building my own machine I gave everyone an assist because the original question was regarding the machine above but since I am building my own machine I have another question open now and need assistance with a few things and the help is very much appreicated !!

Thanks all !!
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