How to identify an automation issue in a compiled app

I have an app comprising one ActiveX DLL (compile option set to project compatibility) and one standard exe that loads the DLL.  When I run these in the development environment, they run successfully.  When I compile the project group that contains both projects, quit the IDE without taking any further action (so it hasn't affected the COM registration of the DLL), then run the exe, it gives an automation error.  Loading up and running from the IDE again behaves fine.

Does anyone have any pointers to first steps I can take to debug this issue?  Finding out what's being attempted would be a good start - this uses CDO and a bunch of other libraries, so it may not be my DLL that's failing.

Ideas welcome!

- Peter
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
Compatibility should be set to binary compatibilty whenever possible.

you have to create the first compilation, and COPY the ActiveX dll, and make the ActiveX Dll "compatible" to the copied dll...

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MelandraAuthor Commented:
Thanks - that solved the specific issue I had.  Any future readers should be aware that the subject of this solution is misleading, and should probably be something like 'Poor setting of compatibility settings can lead to automation errors'!
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