Find item in listview (without For statement)

Hi there,

Is there a quick way I do can do a search in a list view?
With a listbox you can do indexof to see if an item exists, the listview also has an indexof function but doesn't work the same.

Thanks :-)
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what about a while instaed of for like

i := 0;
while (I<listbox1.items.count) and (listbox1.items[i].Caption <> YourMatchStr) do inc(I);
if i<listbox1.items.count then //found

meikl ;-)
IndexOf method of Listboxes perform 2 kinds of searches:
- If your data is sorted, then make a binary search (look in the item sited at the 50% of the data, if is greater than the string searched, look for the item placed at 25%, if is lower, look for the item places at 75% and rep and rep until the end).
- If you data is not sorted, IndexOf makes an search

- In a ListView, you can search data with the FindCaption method, than calls to the Windows Api: ListView_FindItem so... is a fast way...
as  RadikalQ3 says you can use Listview1.FindCaption but this will only find matches in the caption property of the listview, not in any subitems. If you want to search in subitems then the only way is to use a loop.
If you are searching in the subitsm the you need something like

procedure Find (FindStr: string);
ls: TStringlist;
lFound: boolean;

for li:=0 to pred(listview1.items.count) do

Untested and not debugged
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wildzeroAuthor Commented:
Findcaption will work great, is there any source code?
Sourcecode for make a FindCaption? :?
  anItem:=ListView1.FindCaption(0, 'TheCaption', True, True, True);
  if not (anItem = nil) then
    // found it

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wildzeroAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot!
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