File import with field maps

I would like to build an import file routine that would allow a user to upload a file, then map fields to rows in the file and then process the upload.  I would like to use this import routine on multiple tables and will be importing large amounts of data.

I am wondering what the best way of doing this would be?   How should this be tackled and if anyone has any sample scripts/tips on this.

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is this a one-time thing?  if so, why aren't you using the import facility within the database software? (assuming you are talking about a database).

Your question is unclear:  when you say "then map fields to rows in the file and then process the upload."  are you talking about fields in a database table?  if so, it seems like you want to map the rows in the file to the cells in a table, not the other way around.  anyway, i'm proceeding on the assumption that you want to upload a text file that has columns delimited by the character found in variable x, and rows delimited by the character found in variable y.  these rows and columns will then be imported into a table.  Also assuming row 1 has the column names.

<cfset x=",">
<cfset y="#chr(13)##chr(10)#">
<cfset yourPath="e:\inetpub\domains\yourdomain\wwwroot\uploaded_files\">
<cfset datasource="yourDSN">

<cffile action="Upload" filefield="ufile" destination="#yourPath#" nameconflict="overwrite">

<cffile action="read" file="#yourpath##file.serverfile#" variable="newfile">

<cfset rowcnt=0>
<cfloop list="#newfile#" index="row" delimiters="#y#">
    <cfset rowcnt=rowcnt+1>
      <cfif rowcnt gt 1>
            <cfquery name="ins" datasource="#datasource#">
                  insert into #form.tablename#
                  <cfset colcnt=0>
                  <Cfloop list="#listfirst(newfile,y)#" index="colname" delimiters="#x#">
                      <cfset colcnt=colcnt+1>
                        <cfif colcnt is not listlen(row)>,</cfif>
                  <cfset colcnt=0>            
                  <Cfloop list="#row#" index="col" delimiters="#x#">
                        <cfset colcnt=colcnt+1>
                        <cfif colcnt is not listlen(row)>,</cfif>

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well, i beleive my solution would work (in a general sense) but if he says otherwise, I suppose he's the one to be testing it.
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