Sendmail Startup Error

I'm having problems starting the sendmail daemon on my redhat 9 box.  Kernel 2.4.20-31.9.  When starting the daemon it gives the following error;

Shutting down sendmail: FAILED]
Shutting down sm-client: FAILED]
Starting sendmail:   OK  ]
Starting sm-client: sendmail: invalid option -- A
sendmail: fatal: usage: sendmail [options]

The init script has a -Ac argument provided when launching the sm-client process.  I just obtained ownership of this host and have been told that's the original scripting and it's never had the problem in the past.  Strangely, it doesn't seem to have any effect on postfix or mail delivery.  Comparing to my Core4 workstation, which has almost identical options in the script, there's no problem.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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What VERSION of sendmail?

Also, the -Ac argument looks for a configuration file (in the same place where is located). Is that file present, and can it be read by the user under which sendmail is running?
wanabiAuthor Commented:
Sendmail Version 8.12.8-9.90

The and are there and readable by the daemon user as well.

One thing to note.  When I first saw the invalid option error I checked the man page just to see.  This option is not listed.  When I check on my Core4 system the option is there, same init script, and there are no problems.  With version differences I'm sure there's a good reason but it just seems interestsing.  Maybe a failed package update at some point?  Also, sendmail on core4 is 8.13.4-2.
Ah, yes, there are a number of options in v8.13.x that are not valid in v8.12.x. GREETPAUSE comes to mind offhand.

I'd go thru the and/or on the redhat 9 box and make sure all the DEFINEs and FEATUREs are supported on that older version. Then I'd rebuild and

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sounds like you're not even using sendmail, but rather postfix ???
If you are using postfix, simply uninstall sendmail.
wanabiAuthor Commented:
Got it.

It is using PostFix and sendmail.  The sendmail programs are used by some CGI scripting that I haven't gotten into yet.

Turns out that the scheduled package updates failed and left sendmail 8.12.8-9.90 only half installed.  Simply removed the packages and installed a clean copy.  Working fine now.

Many thanks to PsiCop for pointing out the option differences.
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