Terminal Services session very slow response sometimes.

I have a Windows 2000 Server running on an Intel box. My terminal server session is very slow to respond to keystrokes and mouse clicks. It kind of saves them up then executes quickly, then pauses again. Other users are logged into the server on the LAN and have no problems with the speed as far as file sharing goes. It is also running Exchange 2000 with no slowness. The hardest part about this is that about half the time I connect it runs fine. Rebooting the server does not help. I know it is not my Internet connection causing the problem.  
Doug PennemanAsked:
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I'd look at RAM usage while you are connected. you may want to add more RAM if that is the case.

You also might want to disable some of the fancy terminal server options and switch to a lower color setting. How is a connection to another machine on the network running terminal services?

Doug PennemanAuthor Commented:
Looked at all that usual stuff. I have 2gb RAM in it. At first I thought that sounded like the problem but the server runs fine in all other aspects except TS. I always use the lowest settings on all my RDP connections. I have 2 other servers that I connect to and have NO problems at all. Pretty sure it is something about that one server. I guess I need help finding out what to monitor to see if I can tell what is hanging.  
i had the same problem - maybe it helps for you too. My server has 2 scsi disks and windows 2000 mirroring for a long time, TS earlyer was very fast then goes slower and slower, i remove mirror and fix disks with standart util and renew mirror. Everything is fine now
Sorry my english:)
Doug PennemanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response. I am using an Intel server mainboard with hardware RAID 1. Its not slow every time so its hard to find the problem. The last few times I connected it was fine, but when its slow its real slow. (5 seconds for a keystroke or click to happen).
in my case there was problems with TS licensing and i found help in this site
if you have tempolary licences under your TS licensing, try this  

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