Why not two major Anti-Virus programs?

Ok, I have AVG Anti-Virus and Norton Anti-Virus/Internet Security (2004) installed on my computer. Basically, I am so wary of viruses and such that I have two so that just incase it eludes one I will have the other to detect it as a back-up. Or is that logic flawed? I think I remember some people saying you should only use one major anti-virus program but can't remember why.


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A good reason: PERFORMANCE.

Norton takes a great bit of your performance: Each time you open a file, it checks for viruses and uses (on my vomputer) up to around 50mb of ram for that.
Add AVG doing the same: A file that would require 1 second to be opened, would take 5 of more. And antivirus uses CPU, too... your 512MB ram will be reduced to 400, your system (unless using HT or two cpu's) will run very slow when starting programs.

Finally, they may get confusses thinking each other is a virus (after all, the store virus definitions that aree, actually, virus strings, to check if they appear). Tah COULD be a nightmare.

I think you must choose a widely-used antivirus. Each one is a good option (AVG requirees less cpu, I think, so Norton uses more ... maybe checking deeply?)

Have a backup, and choose one...


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Besides performance, the two anti-cirus programs will most likely
conflict with each other causing you systsem to freeze or crash,
Like you I have for the last three or four years, run two anti-virus programs and sometimes when a new version comes out the two conflict so I have to find a replacement.  I am a belt and suspenders person also.  But mose experts will tell you that it is unlikely that you are
any more protected by running two simutaneously and are much more likely to have conflicts and freeze and or crash.  But seriousely, I would never try to run another one with a Norton Product under any circumstances, a Norton Product wants to control anything and everything.
Drake1986Author Commented:
Well thanks people. I have decided I will uninstall Norton and just keep AVG because it's not as heavy as Norton and still does the job. Thanks!
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