Is it possible to reboot an unresponsive server from a remote location?

Hi guys, this has been bugging me for a while now.

Most of our main vital servers are kept in our NY office, I work in the London.  If one our our servers freezes or becomes unresponsive is there a way for me to restart it without having someone manually go on-site and hit the restart button?  We haven't had to yet but I know at some point it will happen.

Would WOL enable me to do this?

It might be worth mentionning that all the servers are plugged into several UPS.

All help is greatly appreciated

Thank you
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Not without some sort of outside management.
We use HP/Compaq servers and with the assistance of the RIB/ILO device, we can accomplish this.  There are KVM switches that will perform the same function...aside from that, someone would physically need to be onsite...

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It depends on how "unresponsive" they are.  I have used psshutdown from to remote reboot machines that I can still ping but have no other access to.  However if the server has totally frozen up, as sirbounty says - you need a body onsite
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