cannot open mail database

Hi, just posted above, this is another question, possibly related, maybe not.

Came in on Monday morning and whilst looking at our domino server (5.0.6) I noticed that a girl's database which had been massive was now only 20mb big, down from 700mb. Seeing as she had just gone on her holiday I thought she had done some major archiving as I had been nagging for ages. However I couldn't even look at the database.When I double click on it I get,

"Database is not fully initiliased yet. (It does not contain any views). You will have to use replicate on the 'File, Replication' menu to initialise it."

I do this and and it just goes "File does not exist".

So I go to her local machine and  open up L notes and try a replication with the server to see what happens. I get the message

"Replication cannot proceed because cannot maintain uniform access control list of replicas"

I have no idea what any of this means. I have got her mail database on tape backed up from a few days ago so I guess I could just replace this new 20mb version on the server. But I'm wondering what is going on?? Any ideas??
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this happens sometime when the database gets corrupted. may be u can try compacting and run updall from server console

and try to rebuild all the views. And try refresh/replace the design.

if all the above fails(should fail), then copy from the backup by removing the existing.

Hope it helps.
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
I have the explanation to you what happened, but it would not help you anyway.
There is a checkbox in the ACL advanced options of the database to enforce the ACL also for local replicas of the database.
That checkbox has two usages: with that option you get local Roles in that database, which are normaly localy not available, and that checkbox enforces the ACL options and prevent the local user being the Manager of the database.

So somebody managed to change the ACL localy (which is possible when you know some tricks) and after that ACL change and the checkbox set in the advanced options of the ACL has the next Replication schedule problems to replicate the ACL to the server replica and stops replicating.
That does not explain why the server side databse is an empty replica, but it explains why the replication cannot proceed.

RupertAAuthor Commented:
I just replaced it with the local one and its working fine now. So the original one corrupted I suspect. Now on the client machine when i open L notes and even before I type in my password in the ID file it says

"Do you wish to enable scheduled replication"


It replicates on schedule just fine opened. Any ideas as to the cause of this? and more to the point how to stop it cos its annoying?

just thought it might be related to above thread but will ask a new question here at E Exchange in case not.
in the location documen there is setting to set Replication schedule. Try enabling it and mention the time duration.
And u can look for the mail db replca copy replication settings.. u can find clue..
best of luck

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