SMS Client Installation Problems

This might get a little bit long winded here but I will try to give you as much information as I know.

In my organization we are running SMS and have a collection for my local office. Recently we just received a bunch of new dell machines that we have installed and have users currently working on. The users old machines were members of the SMS collection so that software and updates could be sent to the users machines. I recently added these new machines to the collection with the old machines and noticed that some of the machines were assigned but not clients and some were not assigned and not clients. The old machines are now all disconnected from the network but are still in the collection the new machines all have the same computer name as the old computer name with the exception of -xp tacked onto the end. If an old computer name was computer1 then the new computer name would be computer1-xp so I know there is not a problem with the naming convention.

I have tried to run the client installation wizard from the SMS administrator console with no luck I can get through the wizard successfully and everything seems to go correctly except the client does not install. The client discovery and installation methods are correctly configured because they are working correctly for other offices under our SMS structure. The new machines do not have windows xp SP2 installed and they do not have any kind of firewall active on them. I attempted a manual installation and it worked with no problems and the assigned and client both appeared as yes in the SMS console.

At this point I am kind of out of ideas as to what is going on with this situation and would just like to be able to install the clients.  Give me a hand and I will give you the points.
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Would help to know what version of SMS you are using...I assume SMS 2003.  Are you using the Advanced Client?  

The reason the old machines are still visable in the Collection is because it takes 90 days by default to have SMS delete "dead" machines from the database.  You can simply right click the machine and choose delete if you want them old machines to disappear quicker...

In order for the SMs Push installation to occur, you will need to have local administrators username and password programmed in SMS.  In addition, you will need to have a network access account configured.  These settings can be found in the SMS Administrators console for your site, under Site Hierarchy.  My guess is that the old machines were all configured with a local admin user name a password.  The new machines, do not have this username and password...the SMS site is probably configured to use this password but it does not exist on the new machines...

Anyway, you can look at the clients logs to find out what the problem is....  c:\windows\system32\CCMSETUP or C:\windows\system32\CCM\logs (depending on how far the client installation got before it failed...)

The reason you were able to install the client manually is because you logged onto the computer with local admin rights...

You can also look on your SMS Site Server in the following location to see client push logs:  \\smsservername\sms_XXX\inboxes\

To configure SMS 2003 to install the client using the PUSH method, go into SMS Site Hierarchy and look for "Client Installation Methods"...double click Client Push Isntallation...go to the ACCOUNTS tab...and specify an account that has local admin rights on your clients... this can be a domain account or a local account (%machinename%\username)

Under your Software Distribution Properties, you can also specify an Advanced Client Network Access Account...You will need to add this account to the local "SMS_SiteSystemToSiteServerConnection_XXX" group.


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mpatrick65Author Commented:
Okay I took a look at some of the stuff you suggested. As far as I know the local user and password on the new machines is the same as on the older machines. The account that is used is the domain administrator account and password that I use whenever there is a problem on a machine, it has unrestricted create, edit, modify, delete, etc permissions. It is set as an administrator on all the machines in question.

The dead machines are of little concern to me right now as they are dead sitting in a back room collecting dust. They can either be removed automatically or I will delete them later no big deal.

Looking into the machines I attempted to install the client on there is no CCMSETUP or CCM folder. So I am assuming the install did not even begin.

Looking at the files it seems as if most of the clients that I attempted to install ended with either error 1003 or 53 (moslty 1003) below is one of the files some info has been changed for privacy

[NT Client Configuration Request]
   Forced CCR=TRUE
   Machine Name=COMPUTER-XP
   Initial Request Date=07/05/2005 11:54:31

[Request Processing]
   Latest Processing Attempt=07/05/2005 13:23:59
   Last Error Code=1003
   Number of Processing Attempts=3

   TYPE=Client Config Request File

Under the software distribution properties the correct administrator account is set and it looks like thats is all in order.

Is there anything on the client machine that I can check that might be stopping this installation from occurring.
"Looking at the files it seems as if most of the clients that I attempted to install ended with either error 1003 or 53 (moslty 1003)"  

Error 53 = The network path was not found. (targeted machine can not be found on network using DNS/Wins.  computer is either not registered or not on the network)

Error 1003 = Cannot complete this function. (

Error 5 = Access Denied (This is what you would get if the account wasn't setup properly in SMS Push Settings....)

Are you using SMS 2003 SP1?
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mpatrick65Author Commented:
Yes sms 2003 sp1 is in use.
Check that you have the Site Servers account that you are using to push, within the Local Administrators group on the machines that you are trying to push the client onto.

so on the Computer1-XP

go to cmd and type

local group Administrators domainname\siteserveracount /add

this will add the account to the local administrators group and will overcome any problem with local domain administration privelges.
Sorry, localgroup is part of the net command

net localgroup Administrators domainname\siteserveraccount /add

and administrators with an (s) plural, as it is a group not a user.
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