CleanSlate VS. Microsoft SMS??

Ok, I searched on Experts Exchange for a viable option for booting up from a saved image at every reboot.  We have ONE DEPARTMENT that has originally requested this option.  I found a great solution with a program mentioned on EE called CleanSlate by Fortres Grand Corporation.  I downloaded the full function (time-limited) demo, tested it at the department on 1 PC, and we were thrilled on how it worked and saved us from redundant problematic calls.

Now, we are looking to purchase at least some licenses for this department (and hence deploy now in some OTHER areas) and my manager asked me a question that I am unknown to answer... "Can we do the same thing that this software (CleanSlate) does with our current Microsoft SMS?"  Since we really haven't done much with Microsoft SMS yet, and I am not going to be initially involved in its deployment, I am unfamiliar with what it can FULLY be capable of.  

My question to the experts only re-interates my managers.... Can Microsoft SMS essentially do the same thing that that CleanSlate does?  Can someone explain to me in some detail what Microsoft SMS fully capable of?

Thanks to all who answer,
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MS would be able to tell you what the MS SMS can or cannot do best...
Or one of thir resellers...
ok i do not know "cleanslate" ...only read the feature summary on there homepage... but i can say MS SMS does not provide a feature to monitor/prevent users from writing changes to the HDD, SMS is a deployment solution primary..

but it is possible to write back an image every day with SMS (but only a admin -prepared image) (with the new SMS OS deployment feature pack) you can run applications to remove unwanted things

so my conclusion is... no SMS can't do everything like clearslate...

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