Oracle E Business Suite - Email Output?

Hi ,
we are in the process of implementing Oracle 11i...

Our consultants tell us that we can automate the sending of emails from PO system..but......

If we want ( for example ) to email a Sales Order Acknowledgement to a customer when created or a shipment email when we've shipped, it looks like we'll need a 3rd party app or some development..

Has anyone any pointers/comments?

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
There will be some coding necessary.  I'm not an Oracle Apps person so there might be a way built into the app suite.  

From a strict database method:  One of the experts here ( schwertner) has a great example on sending email from an Oracle DB.  Posted below is an example of a stored procedure that will do this (I believe it is the one he usually posts).

You can then create a trigger off the base tables to send the appropriate email.

A word of caution:
This procedure is fire and forget.  As long as it hands it off, it thinks it went.  I can't think of a way to verify that it acutally left the office (i.e./ the email server botched the send).

email stored procedure

/* execute oracle_Send_mail ('MTLS24', '','' ,'' , 'DW', 'Tbls: 90% eapps, 125/1234');  */

(sender IN VARCHAR2,
recipient IN VARCHAR2,
cc_recipient IN VARCHAR2,
bcc_recipient IN VARCHAR2,

crlf VARCHAR2(2):= CHR( 13 ) || CHR( 10 );
mesg VARCHAR2(4000);

mail_conn := utl_smtp.open_connection('',25);

utl_smtp.helo(mail_conn, '');
utl_smtp.mail(mail_conn, sender);
utl_smtp.rcpt(mail_conn, recipient);
utl_smtp.rcpt(mail_conn, cc_recipient);
utl_smtp.rcpt(mail_conn, bcc_recipient);

mesg:= 'Date: ' || TO_CHAR( SYSDATE, 'dd Mon yy hh24:mi:ss' ) || crlf ||

'From: ' || sender || crlf ||
'To: ' || recipient || crlf ||
'Cc: ' || cc_recipient || crlf ||
'Bcc: ' || bcc_recipient || crlf ||
'Subject: ' || subj || crlf;
mesg:= mesg || '' || crlf || body;, mesg);


stephengriffin and slightwv,
   Actually, triggers on the 11i tables are not a good idea.  It would be pretty difficult to figure out WHICH ones to put the trigger on, anyway.  Yes, it will require development, but it is a fairly simple application.  I would suggest you build an application that, once every 15 minutes or so, "wakes up", checks to see if there's any work to do and then does the work (send the email).  Most of the utl_smtp stuff you'd need is above.  you'd also need to query the tables and find out what orders had been created or orders had been shipped in the last 15 minutes.  I'd suggest you also create a table that would be a record of all the emails yousend out, so the routine doesn't send out multiple emails.  I don't have the 11i ERD in front of me, so I can't help with the queries, except to offer the suggestion that you restrict it to shipments/orders based on the "last-updated" of that is > sysdate - 1/48 (anything newer than a half-hour).  That way, if the app sleeps too long, it can catch up, but if it's too old to make any difference due to system downtime, it won't clog up the processing.

Good luck!
Hi stephengriffin,

There is way to send mail in Oracle Apps 11i using Oracle Workflow Engine. you can create subscriptions based on a Business event like When a Sales Order is Created or Updated to Ship. So you need to write a workflow or else a PL/SQL Package to send a mail.

So these mails will be sent automatically when the event is raised by the applications.

stephengriffinAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for input so far!

If I could help it at all I would prefer to use some form of workflow as Im not a PL/SQL dev.. in fact Im brand new to Oracle...

The procedure above makes perfect sense.. But Im not sure how I would send contents of a Sales Ack or Shipment Notifacation...

Im also looking at XML Publisher for the actual output.....

Can any of you guys/gals give me further info on either how to do this in Workflow or more info on how to develop  an app?

Hi stephengriffin,

If you are planning to use Workflow to send Shipment Notifications. Then Create a Custom Workflow Process and Create a Notification Item in the Workflow with the Template of your Shipment Notification or Acknowledge and keep the dynamic items as Workflow attributes so that you can replace them at runtime.

i think there will be some standard workflow in the Apps which does such type of thing. you can open them and use those workflow as a Prototype to develop your Process flow


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