2000 server slow browsing

I'm running a Windows 2003 AD domain with a mixture of 2000 and 2003
servers.  Everything works fine except that one of my 2000 servers is
very slow to browse, it's been this way since I installed it, but it's
starting to bug me now.  When I drill down to "microsoft windows
network", it takes about 30 seconds to show the one available domain,
then when clicking on the domain, it takes about another minute to show
the available computers in the domain.

This server isn't running anything out of the ordinary, mainly IIS and
SQL Server, and it has a gigabit link.  The workstations that use it's
apps don't have a problem running the apps, and they're still fast,
it's just slow browsing from it.

has anyone run into this sort of thing before??


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How much free drive space is available on the server?  Does it need to be cleaned up.

Check Task Manager, Processes to see if anything is eating up CPU time.
rhcellxionAuthor Commented:
Machine is running dual 2.8GHz processors and never reaches more that 5% when browsing.  Drive space is fine - 10GB on C, 150GB on D (RAID5), 2GB Memory.
Take a look at:


Also, is anti virus set to scan all files when you  open them, or only on create and modify.
rhcellxionAuthor Commented:
I checked out the article, and it's not a resolution issue, and there is no netbeui running and it's not multi-homed.  Just so I'm clear, the workstations get to it fine, but it's the server itself that's slow to browse.

One thing I did find strange is that when I ran "nbtstat -n", I got results that I would expect, but there was an extra entry that went like this:
"\Device\NetBT_tcpip_{EAE24DE4-D2EF-4FD8-B797-B4C77A1EDE70}:  Node IPaddress []  ScopeID: []"  then it give me the results in the name table.   I have another machine that browses fine, but gives me the exact same results execpt give me "no names in cache".

I don't know where the Node IPaddress [] portion comes from because it's not in my range of addresses.

Did you check your anti virus to make sure it is not scanning files on view?

Are you running any insight managers?

Is the server under warranty? Will hardware Tech help.

Maybe these sites will give you a clue:

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