Excel Shutdown Error

Hi all,

There's this one folder of excel files that I have...
No other folders are affected, just this one...

When trying to close any of the excel files in that folder...
I get the error:

Cannot find 'C:\Document and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\DOCSXL70.XLA'!PCDOCSFileClose, which has been assigned to run each time [filename.xls]worksheet_name is closed.  Continuing could cause errors.  Cancel closing [filename.xls]worksheet_name?
[Yes] [No]

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!
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If you copy one of the files to another folder that is shared by Excel files that don't have the error, does the error "follow" the file?  Or does it occur only when opened from within that folder?    The reason I ask is to determine if the error is being caused by something pointing to the folder itself or not.    If the file does NOT have the error when moved to another folder, I would copy all the files into a new folder and delete the old one.  Otherwise it may be an "inherited" problem of the file itself from being linked to another file or datasource.   I think .xla files are Excel add-ins, so you should probably check with colleagues/admins to see if there are any add-ins missing that you need (Tools>Add Ins)    But I would start with the above check first before trying to figure that out.
djwfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply
I've tried moving it to other network folders, my desktop... same error.

Opps I should probably include more info.
There was a power outage here when the user was working on the excel file.
Since then, she said that file, along with all the others in that folder, give that error.
Could it have been corrupted or something?
And what confuses me even more is that, some of the files (with problems) in that folder havent been touched since march!  So why are they all suddenly like that?

I think I'll probably try retrieving the file from backups tomorrow if there isn't really a fix to this.

But honestly, thanks for all help in advance!
If there's more you need to, please ask!

Thank you~
djwfAuthor Commented:
btw, all computers have the same problem with those files
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Test something then.

Open the excel file.
Copy the contents into a new one.
Save the new one in a different location.
Still the same problem?

Also you could try removing the add-in... Or do you need it for something?

There's an example of how to add one. Removing is about the same....
djwfAuthor Commented:
If I copy just the data values in a worksheet to a new file, there's no problem.
Of course, I lose all the formatting then.. and all these workbooks have around 10 worksheets each.. quite some effort to make it look nice again.  Plus I have around a hundred of these files that have suddenly gone bad =(

If I copy the entire worksheets from the existing workbooks into new workbooks, the problem remains.

All these files aren't supposed to have any add-ins.
I've tried to see if I could remove the .xla mentioned in the error message, but it's not listed.

However, under macros, there are 2 macros listed there. Auto_close and Macro7.  When I try to remove them or edit them, I get an error saying "reference is not valid". I wonder if those macros are in the .xla file thats "missing".

Also, I thought I'd mention that there are no vba modules.

Thanks for the help so far!
That would make sense.

And macro's are just a clutter of preset VBA code.

Any chance you could host one of them xls's so I could have a peak?
djwfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply, and sorry for my slow reply, I've been busy with other things, I hope you're not annoyed =/

I'm afraid I can't host the xl files, as they're all confidential to some extent.

Sorry I don't know what else to say at the moment, I haven't had a chance to look at this problem much.
No new info. =/

Thanks again so far!
Well the content is of no use to me.

Remove it all and save the empty document somewhere..
It will still call the function etc. So I would still be able to do something with it :)
djwfAuthor Commented:
Here you are, again sorry for the delay, I appreciate the help.

Got it.

And luckily I'm getting the same error.
Mine reports more though....

Can't find bla bla which needs to be started wehnever you close [filename.xls]Change Log-90mm

Does that change log thing ring a bell?
I think you set stuff up so multiple people can work on the same file and you can still see who's done what.
djwfAuthor Commented:
You're getting the same error I originally posted right? All I did was replace...

"Change Log-90mm" with "worksheet_name"

Actually, only one person makes changes to that particular file.
If you delete that worksheet actually, you *should* have the same error with the next sheet I think.
Yer right.. sorry didn't notice that was the name of the worksheet...

I do get the same error with the next worksheet.
I even get another one because of a privacy setting under tools, options --> security tab

I'll look further.
djwfAuthor Commented:
Oh, you can turn off the privacy setting now.
I made a bunch of quick attempts at being anonymous before uploading if you dont mind.

Thanks for sticking with this =)
Already turned that one off :)

You've got XLM macro's in there... apparently.
I wan't to disable the bugger but I seem uncapable to so far... :-/

Will try more.
(btw only got a few more mins today... but I'll continue next week if I don't sort it :))
according to MS

Can users disable XLM macros?

You can disable the Auto_Open macro when you open a workbook; however, other XLM macros still run because you can’t disable them. You can disable only macros created in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Users need to make sure that the source of a workbook is reliable before opening the workbook.

figures :-/
I've looked and I've looked and basically the only thing I can find that MIGHT cause the problems is the macro.
And seeing I cannot see what they do I can't see why it's giving an error.

I tried to circumvent the error by creating a textfile names whateveritwas.xla but it still gives an error (another one though). If you are able to simulate the procedure mentioned (PCDOCSFileClose) while actually doing nothing you're there....

I'll look around if I can find anything on how to do so.

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>>Of course, I lose all the formatting then.. and all these workbooks have around 10 worksheets each.. quite some effort to make it look nice again.

ctrl+a ctrl+c and pasting in a new worksheet does not loose formatting for me btw!!

djwfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions kneH
I really appreciate the efforts.

I'm not sure I want to have to stick an .xla file on everyone's computer though..
Nor do I really want to copy and paste for about a hundred files..
But of course it may come to that..

Bear with me as I haven't quite chosen a course of action yet...
Thanks for your time so far though!

(btw, there will be points at the end of this, thx for sticking with me)
ok..I had the exact same problem with the PCDocsFileClose.  I started doing some research on the file, and found that several worksheets have named ranges that refer to this function.  
The named ranges look like:
name:  'worksheet!Auto_Close
Refers to:  'worksheet'!PCDOCSFileClose

I KNOW that I didn't create those named ranges, and how they got there is a mystery to my.  I'm working with my users right now to try to delete these named ranges.  Hopefully that will clear up the problem.
I'll post again when I finalize a solution.
I went through all of my worksheets and deleted the named ranges that pointed to PCDOCSFileClose.  It took care of the warning I was receiving when closing the file.

Again, I don't know how those ranges got inserted into the workbook, so I don't know what caused the problem inthe first place.  But at least things are corrected for this file.
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