Access runtime/Packaging wizard problem.

I have an access DB that our organization has been using for some time now.  I recently bought the access 2003 developer extentions and used the packaging wizard to create a runtime install file for this DB for the users around the office without access (or without access 2003).

The packing installs OK, and on my computer everything works perfect.  When installed on someone elses computer I get two errors.

The first happens upon opening the program after it has been installed.

"Your switchboard database or project contains a missing or broken reference to the file 'OWC10.DLL' version 1.1
In order for your database or project to work properly you must fix this reference."

After clicking OK on the first error then trying to run one of the queries or reports from a form I made I get the second error.
"Undefined function 'Left' in expression."
and the query will not run.

I have not determined if the errors are related, but I do know that I do not get these errors on my computer, either running the original or the packaged runtime version.

What can be causing this?
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yes they are related ... when you fix the first reference issue the second will go away.

<'OWC10.DLL' version 1.1>

My guess is this is a fiel that is notr distributed with your application and does not exist on the users pcs'.

What is that reference used for in your application?

Hi jasonpaine,
> OWC10.DLL'
You have added a reference to OWC10.DLL and not registered it on the client PC.

On your development copy, go into the VBE, select Tools -> Reference and un select this file.

Now try to do a compile.  If it wont compile do to an error like "User Defined Function or Type not Found", then you need to add it back to your references and make sure you distribute (if licensing allows - not my field) this file and any other dependencies with your application

More help?

Dave :-)

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jasonpaineAuthor Commented:
Give me a bit to try that.

thanks for the quick response
Hi jasonpaine,
owc is  Office Web Components.
You are allowed to distribute this BUT it only has its full functionality on the target machine if the user has a full copy of Office XP installed (Office XP Standard will do as far as I am aware).
If the user does not have OfficeXP installed they will get read-only functionality from the OWC.

jasonpaineAuthor Commented:

Thank you very much!

I had to uncheck the office XP components box.
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