Points of a Circle


I have the centerpoint of a circle (x,y) and radius (r). How can I find all the points of the circle (atleast 360 points).

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There are an infinite number of points on a circle.

For a = 0° to 360°,
x = r cos a
y = r sin a
Sorry, forgot to account for the centerpoint offset.

x' = r cos a + x
y' = r cos a + y

r = radius
(x, y) = centerpoint
(x', y') = point on edge of circle

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x'(s) = x + r*cos(2*Pi*s)
y'(s) = y + r*sin(2*Pi*s)

where    0<= s <1

ie varying s form 0 to 1 will have the points  ( x'(s), y'(s) ) trace the circle out

So to draw a circle with N points on it center (x,y) radius r (in pseudo code)

for (i=1;i<=N;i++){
  LineTo(x + r*cos(2*Pi*s) ,y + r*sin(2*Pi*s))

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just another way of saying the same as above

(X-x)^2 + (Y-y)^2 = r^2


vary X from  (x-r ) to (x+r)   in as many steps as you want i.e increment by  0.1 , 0.001 etc
and solve for Y and there you have as many solution as you want

changing snoye commnet a little :

For a = 0° to 360°,
x[a] = x + r*cos a
y[a] = y + r* sin a

I guess you want to draw the circle, so you need the points to be given as integers :

For a = 0° to 360°,
x[a] = round(x + r*cos a)
y[a] = round(y + r* sin a)

comment : if your software "cos" and "sin", using RADIANS and not DEGRESS :

For deg = 0° to 360°,
a = 3.1415296 * deg / 180
x[a] = round(x + r*cos a)
y[a] = round(y + r* sin a)

You can never find all the points of a circle, you can only get "close enough"
for your use.

There are many methods to find the points you want, and the primary
consideration will be how many points you need, how precisely you want them,
and how fast you want them.

If performance is an issue, and the exact number of points isn't so important,
you might look at adapting one of the well-known methods for scan conversion
of circles normally used in graphics, deciding which pixels to draw to represent
a figure on a computer... it is a very similar problem to "getting some of the points
of a circle"

See  http://www.cim.mcgill.ca/~langer/557B/Jan9.html

The real problem is to compute the points in one of the quadrant of the circle:
once you can do that, the horizontal and vertical symmetries automatically
give you all the other points with very little computation.

If you want to implement this in code, you may be better off using Bresenhams circle algorithm. You should be able to find source and discussions all over the place.

Actually, that was a waste of time because Mysidia's link above has a good discussion of Bresenhams algorithm.

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