Server 2003 Share access -- clients get 'read only' errors -- yet permissions appear correct. URGENT!

Hey all,

This is an urgent one, so max points available.

We just upgraded from a NT4 PDC to a 2003 AD based network. All the users had accounts in the AD previously, as iwe had two domains--one for logon, and the other for our Exchange. Now we've downed the NT box, brought up a 2003 file server to replace it, and have the users logging into the 2003 domain. All the data transferred cleanly, and we've replicated the share architecture on the new box, with one MAJOR problem:

Clients see the shares as read-only. Word won't write to the shares, and files such as PABs can't be used due to Outlook requiring write access to them .

I've used the effective permissions tool, which seems to show that DOMAIN USERS have full control. So does EVERYONE. Same thing with the NTFS permissions, and I've (tried to) push those permissions down from the root level of the drive containing the shares.

It's possibly of note that most of the client boxes are Windows 98. Do they need the DS client installed? I figured that if they could log on to the domain, that's good enough.

The users here are approaching revolt, and I'm getting panicky.

Any ideas? Anything I might have missed?


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First check your *share* permissions. In NT4, when you created a new share, by default the Everyone group had Full access. In Server 2003, this has been changed; new shares will now have only Read permissions for the Everyone group by default.
Set the share permissions to Full for Everyone, and you should be fine again.

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Permission sets are in the security tab, your Share level should allow everyone.  Check to make sure that there is not a user group that the individuals belong to that may have inherant deny access on the share.  This is common from an upgrade.  You could try logging in as the user on a windows 2000 box and test the share.  If it doesn't work then, it is certainly an inheritted permission problem.
Here's some information about the DS client; but since you seem to have read access to the shares, that shouldn't be the issue here, so you don't really need it (shouldn't do harm to install it, either).

Active Directory Client Extensions for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0

How to enable Windows 98/ME/NT clients to logon to Windows 2003 based Domains

How to install the Active Directory client extension

How Windows 98 Active Directory Client Extension uses Active Directory site information

Oh, and you have a WINS server that your clients are using, don't you?
HOW TO: Install WINS in Windows Server 2003
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