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I have a problem that has recently come up when I try to do a web search using engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. A basic search on any one of these for say "Ford" or "Microsoft" for example, gives nothing but results that are advertising or marketing driven. An example of the first few results for a search for "Ford" are:

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This happens on any of the web search sites! Now if I install the Google toolbar and try to do the same searches, all I get are 404 Errors. I know it is something to do with this PC beacuse when I go to another PC in a different room and perform the same searches, I get completely different and correct results. I use SpySweeper, SpyBot Search & Destroy, XoftSpy and Ad-Aware Professional with the most current definitions. Recent adware/spyware had been detected and successfully removed by one or more of these apps, but all scan clean now with no results/threats. Norton AV also scans clean. Also, all other web browsing appears to be nomal.

Any help on this would be greately appreciated as I use search engines like Google quite a bit.
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I would download a copy of HIJACKthis and run it on your machine

Delete the any entry's that you do not reconize.

I would also run adaware (free edition)
And I would download a copy of Spybot - Search and Destroy and run it

Those should clear up your problem

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RokyrdAuthor Commented:
As I said in my post, I ran Adaware and sbybot with nothing unusual.

Hijack This was the solution. Found a bunch of unwanted entries on the 'hosts' file. Deleted, restarted, and all is bak to normal!! The hosts file didn't even cross my mind, but makes sense now.

Thanks for the tip!!
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