Word XP: Changing measurement unit in Ruler

I just upgraded from Word 2000 to Word XP, and now my Ruler measurement unit is set to ch.

(What the heck is that?)

I want the Ruler (and everything else length-related) measured in inces, and in fact I have my
default measurement set in inches.

What am I doing wrong?

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Patrick MatthewsAsked:
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Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
Try here:

Word --> Tools --> Options --> General (Tab)

Select the unit under "Measurement Units" combo
Patrick MatthewsAuthor Commented:

As I noted in my question, I already tried that.


Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
What is the setting in your Regional Settings ? Also, what is "ch" ?
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Patrick MatthewsAuthor Commented:

My regional settings are to US measurements, and I have no clue what unit "ch" refers to.

Very perplexed,

Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
Change the unit (in Word) to any other like Pixel or Centimetre. Does it affect ?
Patrick MatthewsAuthor Commented:
I tried changing the unit to cm.  It had no effect on the Ruler or the Paragraph formatting form.  It did, however,
force the margins box on the Page Setup form to update (it had been showing inches--correctly--before).

When I changed the default measure back to inches, Page Setup picked up the change, but the Ruler and
the Paragraph form are still showing that mysterious "ch".

Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
Have you tried enabling/disabling the "Show pixels for HTML features" below that combo ?

In my Word (xp only) the change affects the ruler also.
There is a registry setting you need to change take a look at this article.


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Patrick MatthewsAuthor Commented:
Just tried it; no apparent effect.

Patrick MatthewsAuthor Commented:

That did it!  (FWIW, I went the VBE way--I try not to touch the Registry unless I absolutely have to.)

Thanks so much,

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