Start Process, Close Shell

When I log in through PuTTY to a shell, is there a way to run a program and close the shell at the same time, so that only the program is running and the shell process is not running in the background any more?
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exec /whatever/you/please

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wertykAuthor Commented:
thanks gheist, it works perfectly.
also try : nohup command

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wertykAuthor Commented:
how would i use nohup?
type in the shell
nohup wget mpla mpla mpla

this will download the link no mater if you  close the putty client.

So put nohup and after the command you want.

it will also create a log file so you can read what happened.

wertykAuthor Commented:
huh? i think we have a misunderstanding. i dont want to download something. what i want is this:

i run putty and log in
i run a program and close the shell at the same time <this is what i'm asking how to do here>
i use the program (putty is still open at this time)
when i exit the program, putty closes and does not go back to the shell.

here is what happens normally:

<open putty and log in>
> myprogram
<myprogram runs>
welcome to myprogram, please type quit to exit
: quit
thank you for using myprogram.
<myprogram goes back to shell>
> exit
<shell quits and putty closes>

here's what i want to happen:

<open putty and log in>
> myprogram         <this is where i need to know the command>
welcome to myprogram, please type quit to exit
: quit
thank you for using myprogram
<myprogram quits and putty closes>

using gheist's exec command does this just fine. thanks for your help, though. if you know another way to do this, please let me know.
oh ok im sorry i understand something else.

U can u se nohup to run any command u want,  and it will not be stoped even if you get disconnected.
run : man nohup  
to see what i mean.

Take care :)
wertykAuthor Commented:
oh ok, i see. thanks, that will come in handy.
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