Why did my backup using NTbackup fail to start?

I have all 11 of my servers on  full-backup schedule, which began last Friday night at 6pm. The scheduled backups on one at 6 pm failed to start and 3 others on saturday also indicated failed to start. But the others that were scheduled to start on Sun through Monday all successfully started and ran! I first thought that there may be a running process, but I checked the logs, and there were none. I checked the actual job files to see if there may have been something wrong there, but they all seem fine.

Has anyone out there ever run into something like this? Thanks.
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What system are you running?

In any case, have you checked the Scheduler Log? (Control Panel -> Scheduled Tasks -> Advanced -> View Log)
As strange as it may seem, I've had problems like those U just described.

I solved them just by changing the job name, cause those that include "." sometimes fail to start. Use "_" instead.

Btw, check for disk space ;)
uraneum73Author Commented:
I checked the logs and the ones that did not start the backup had error codes of:

      The attempt to log on to the account associated with the task failed, therefore, the task did not run.
      The specific error is:
      0x8007052e: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.
      Verify that the task's Run-as name and password are valid and try again.

Now what is strange is that when I schedule a task similar to this one, except I set it for about 2 minutes in the future to run, it runs perfectly! Do you think it could be a "wake-up" issue or something else? Thanks for all who have responded by the way ;-)
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Try re-setting the username and password.

If you are running this on Win/2000 then try scheduling the job via the AT command.
uraneum73Author Commented:
That was one of the things I noticed today when I tested more backups. Sometimes it would ask me for a username/password and other times it would not. This may or mya not be the issue, we will see when they run again this afternoon. Funny thing is though, that when I do logoff and login again, I get the username/password request every time. I am not sure if NTbackup has any updates/fixes on this, or if this is standard behaviour?? I'll post the results later. Thanks for your response r-k!
You can open the properties for the scheduled jobs in the "Scheduled Tasks" control panel and click on "Set Password" to type in the password again. Hopefully that will stick.

If that doesn't do it, and these are Win/2000 machines, there may be other reasons. Please post back in that case.

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uraneum73Author Commented:
Thanks r-k, that worked great! Before this I simply was logging off and on again for each schedule. This is a great way to do it. By the way, we do have some 2k3 servers that do not have this issue, so apparently it is a Win 2000 NTbackup issue! But we are soon to buy Veritas or some other vendor though, so this is only temporary, thank goodness. Thanks again.
Great. Thanks for the feedback!
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