Is it possible to loop through Enum Type values to fill combo box?

Working with VB6 and I have this:

Private Enum LoanPurpose
          Undefined = 0
          Purchase  = 1
          Refinance = 2
End Enum

I have a combo box called cmbLoanPurpose that I would like to loop through and get its list values from the LoanPurpose enum type with the itemdata property set to the enum value.

Something like this is what I would like to do:

For each value in LoanPurpose
     cmbLoanPurpose.AddItem EnumName
     cmbLoanPurpose.ItemData = EnumValue
Next value

I am trying to avoid having to add each one individually (or having 3 additem lines) because this is just one example but I have hundreds more that have up to 50 values


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No, not in VB6, I believe you might be able to in .NET.
careyadkinsAuthor Commented:
So there are no workaround or tricks to accomplish this?  Its purely a "can't do"?
You could try something like this:

Private Enum Stuff
    Add = 0
    Delete = 1
    Subtract = 2
    Unknown = 3
End Enum

Private Const MAX_STUFF = 3

Public colItems As New Collection
Public vPossibleStuff(MAX_STUFF) As String

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim iStuff As Integer
vPossibleStuff(0) = "Add"
vPossibleStuff(1) = "Delete"
vPossibleStuff(2) = "Subtract"
vPossibleStuff(3) = "Unknown"
For iStuff = LBound(vPossibleStuff) To UBound(vPossibleStuff)
    colItems.Add vPossibleStuff(iStuff)
'**** Now that we have the objects defined and a collection created (which we can put into a module
'**** and declare as public so the entire project has access to it
'**** Then use it like this:

For iStuff = 1 To colItems.Count
    Combo1.AddItem colItems.Item(iStuff)
End Sub

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