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OK, here is the situation.  I Have a form with some text boxes and labels at the top that i want to print on each page.  I also have a footer label (just one) that needs to be printed on every page.  And in the middle of the form i have a ax web browser control that is generating a quote in html.  I need mulitple page capability, and the ability to page break whats in the axwebbrowser control.  Also i need to turn the 3d border and the scroll bar off in the ax web browser object.  I heard they removed printform support in .net that was in vb 6 if i remember correcly.  I tried the screen shoot solution for .net but thats not the solution i was looking for it doesn't look right on paper.  Im running out of time and solutions any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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Can you use the included crystal report writter?

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rbirnesserAuthor Commented:
I already thought about crystal reports and i saw that msdn link already.  I have the report generated in html already in a ax web browser control i think i want to export i opened the html file in work and it looks fine i just need a header to display on each page and determine page breaks which meaning the report is in html and generated in html the only thing i can think of is counting the lines and breaking it accordingily.  I already look at 3rd party controls too and printform .net seems to be the choice but i really don't want to spend 300$ on something that should have never been removed from .net in the firstplace
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rbirnesserAuthor Commented:
i was thinking about takin the html and exporting it to work the only problem would be the header information at the top of each page but ultimately i would like to export it to work tack on the headers/footers in word then convert it to pdf automatically by code ?
rbirnesserAuthor Commented:
anyone know of any solutions for printing a form besides the screen shot one b/c it takes a screen of it as a bitmap and its all fuzzy when u print it on paper
rbirnesserAuthor Commented:
ok i got the printform .net component from winforms.  It prints the web browser control blurry which is no good.  I tried converting the html file to a rtf file using word and loading it into a richtextbox and i get black lines where the tables where but the formatting is good.  I want a multipage document capability.  Im running out of solutions here and im under a tight deadline plz someone help me (ronald biemans to the rescue ?)
I know what you mean screen capture doesn't cut it, but it does provide the mechanics to do a basic print. My app needs a report configured to print the data from my form.  I got a little guidance from a microsoft download that included a printing project I think you'll find a lot in this download as helpful:
rbirnesserAuthor Commented:
I got the printform .net to work and i think it looks better then what they have right now.  Im gonna change this ? b/c i kinda figured it out on my own.  I have a quote that is generated in html and displayed in a com interent explorer control.  I want to make it export it to word in the back ground and  add headers and footers to it.  Then silently convert it to a pdf to display it in acrobat distiller or reader ready for printing. The header needs address and phone numbers left aligned, in the center i need to say this quote is valid for 30 days and the quote number.  right aligned i need the page #, quote date, quote by, and customer id.  The address is a function in vb and so are the phone numbers that format the strings properly. The rest of the values are database stored values that i can pull by code.  The footer is a string that is just centered.  Samples would be a plus on this one b/c i am a newbie when it comes to word automation!
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