IIS "Network location cannot be reached"


I've got a web server (Win2K3) currently running several web sites.  I assigned a new IP address to the server's NIC, created a new web site in IIS (6.0).  The web root directory is a physical drive on the web server (where the other web site's contents reside).  I assigned the new web site the IP address I just added to the NIC.

When I try to start the web site I get the folowing error:

"The network location cannot be reached.  For information about network troubleshooting, see Windows help."

I looked it up and have installed and run httpcfg.  I see the IP address when I do a query iplisten.  One posting I read indicated I may just need to reboot before everything is bound.  True?

I've set up a couple of dozen sites this way before.  What am I missing?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Mike Davis
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>> One posting I read indicated I may just need to reboot before everything is bound.  True?

not for windows 2003 - that was only true up to and including NT4.

That is certainly an odd error to get when working with IIS as it usually relates to attempts to connect to a remote resource.  Is there anything unusual about this particular web site?  does it get data from a remote share?  are you managing it from the server console, or from a remote location?

where exactly does this error appear?  is it a pop-up dialog, or in event viewer or log somewhere?


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mikedavis321Author Commented:
Hello meverest,

Thanks for the quick reply.  As it turns out, all I did need was a reboot. I checked the server this morning and the site was up and running correctly.  I checked the log and it re-booted overnight.

The guy that setup the server became available and told me that he is binding the IP addresses in a certain way (not sure about the details).  But running the httpcfg util (and then rebooting) is the key to getting the IPs to bind correctly to the NIC and becoming available to IIS (in this particular configuration).

By the way, just to try to share some knowledge, I am managing the server remotely it is a 2003 server box and the error comes up in a pop-up and in the system event viewer was an error - ID: 1130 source: W3SVC.  The details are below.  

Cannot register the URL prefix 'http://192.168.1.xxx:80/' for site 'xxxxxxxx'. The IP address for the site is not in the HTTP.sys IP listen list. The site has been deactivated.  The data field contains the error number.

Again, thanks for the quick reply.  Points for quickness and attempting to help.


Mike Davis
This typically happens due to changes to IIS between 5.0 and 6.0.

Install Support Tools from your W3K CD.

once installed go to command prompt

and run

httpcfg set listner -i <ip>

httpcfg query listner (this should list all the IP's httpcfg is listening to)

"Make sure that the ListenOnlyList subkey contains valid IP addresses. If
the ListenOnlyList subkey contains an IP address that is not valid, you must
remove the IP address or change the ListenOnlyList subkey entries to reflect
a valid IP address.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HTTP\Pa rameters\ListenOnlyList"

Reboot and enjoy.

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