Images in servlet

Hi, I am having a problem with images showing up in a servlet.
I have read other peoples questions having the same problem, and have made some adjustments, but am still having the same problem.

The image files now are contained in Tomcat_Home\ROOT\Images.

The source returned by the servlet is as this line.
<td width="14%"> <div align="center"><font color="#000066"><img src="../../../ROOT/Images/Q_c.gif" width="24" height="21"></font></div></td>

If the source is saved as a html page, and reopened, the images show-up just fine.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Is ROOT your web context? If not, it's a protected resource
RockyFullenAuthor Commented:
I do not know what you mean by web context.
So what do I need to do?
Try (note the leading '/');
<img src="/../../../ROOT/Images/Q_c.gif" width="24" height="21">
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I think that it would be the problem of the path in the Servlet.

Try to give the full path of your images by
<img src="/ROOT/Images/Q_c.gif" width="24" height="21">

Would that solve your problem?

RockyFullenAuthor Commented:
Ok, I got the images to show - up by moving them into the web context path.
There now is another problem.
I have placed a background image in the same path as the other images, and
have set the backgroung in the servlet. The background, however does not show-up.
Any more ideas??

This line works
 <td><font color="#000033"><div align="center"><img src="../Q_c.gif" width="24" height="21"></div></font></td>

This line does not work
<body background="../paper.jpg">
This line does not work
<body background="../paper.jpg">

Make sure that file is in the same directory as Q_c.gif and in the right spelling case

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