Firefox and special mimetypes

I use Firefox on an XP platform and want to open a special file-type (.sgf) designed to view Go-Games.
In IE, if I want to open an sgf file, the browser ask me to choose a program, etc.
FF does this too, but only if the server knows [application/x-go-sgf]
If, however, the server thinks: [text/plain], FF renders the file as textfile, without a chance to interfere. Is there a possibility to change this, i.e to make FF recognize .sgf endings?


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You already have a better solution i.e. the server side. FF does what it is supposed to do when it gets text/plain from the server as a mimetype. You can possibly change the client settings for MIME type text/plain to some other application but then a genuine text/plain type file will not be considered a text file and instead be opened from that application. Also this is not a FF setting but a windows setting so other programs may also be affected.

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amit_g is rignt: only the mime-type should be used to determine the type of a file (no matter what the file extension is).
If your browser cannot handle the mime-type served by the web server, it should ask you to open/save the file and then, it's the OS that will decide what to do with the file.
This means that the only good option to serve your file as "application/x-go-sgf".
You can do that either by modifying the webserver settings so that it uses that mime type for all the ".sgf" files, or by streaming your file using a server-side scripting language that allows you to modify the http headers (php, jsp, asp).
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