CR 8.5 reports on Windows 98 not work when printeded

Hi everyone,

One of our clients is experiencing problem when viewing and printing the report on Windows 98.The same reports work fine on other OS versions 2000, xp.  I used CR8.5. I am trying to figureout if there is a special dll that should be installed on win98.

About the err, it is ErrNo = -2147191859 Description=A number, currency amount, boolean,date,timie,date-time, or string is expected here.

If any of you can explain what is missing, it will be very greatful of you.
Thanks in advance.

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ARe they using the same physical data file as the users who are OK?

JAMUAuthor Commented:
Hi Pete,

Yes Pete, they are using the same .rpt file. One more ironic information is that this client has 2 Win 98 machines, one on which reports work and one on which reports doesn't work. So that make it evenmore difficult to analyze. Hope i answered your question. I have trying to find if one m/c is missing any update dlls.

Please suggest me of any dlls that is involved in throught is error.

Have you checked what version of MDAC/ADO is installed on the two Win98 machines?
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JAMUAuthor Commented:
Hi ,

 Hi Jaanth, the MDAC version is 2.8 RTM on both win 98  machines.

 The results of trubleshooting are
1) when i create a new report on my comp with CR 8.5  on win 2000 and run the report on the test machine win98 which has the problem. The report works fine.

So, this tells that the  crystal reports  runtime components (dlls) are correct. But the old reports creates errors. Those reports were also designed using CR 8.5.

2) when i delete all the formula fields in the original report on the machine, the error description changes to "The remaining text doen't appear tobe part of the formula".

3) We have 80 reports and all the reports give same error.

Hope this information helps to who ever is trying to figure out the problem.

Mike McCrackenSenior ConsultantCommented:
There are some files that are unique to Win9x

ATL.DLL is one of them

This link though on a different subject may be helpful

JAMUAuthor Commented:
I checked on ATL.dll and it registers fine. Version for Atl.dll id 3.00.8449
The other 2 dlls base on Atl.dll also registers fine.

I sorted down the problem to user defined function (UFL).
When the report contains the UFL formulas, it throws the error
"The remaining text dosn't appear tobe part of the formula".

I checked for u2lcom.dll. That dll in present in windows/Crystal folder. Also the CRUFL... dll is placed in the application folder and is registered.

I don't know what else to check on. If you have come across this problem anytime, give me an hint.

Thanks for the  comments so far.

JAMUAuthor Commented:

I got it fixed. Windows 98 uses lower version of u2lcom.dll then windows 2000,xp. So , now the u2lcom.dll can recognize the CRUFLxxxxx.dll and doesn't throw the error.

Thanks you all for involving in solving this problem.

JAMUAuthor Commented:
Hi mlmcc,

I would like to get the points refund.

PAQed with points refunded (100)

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