No remote comptuer Access over VPN

We have a dual office set-up, with our remote site dialing in via a sonic wall to our main office's sonicwall.  that works.  we have a great connection, i can ping everything at the main office from the remote, our windows sbs domain functions for logins, email, you name it... EXCEPT, i can't browse folders on machines at the main office, even with admin rights.  i can open mapped drives, but if i try \\\  nothing.  it works for our SBS server, but i can't make it work for anything else.  any ideas?  i need to make a folder on a non-server accessable to just one user.

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go to a command prompt on one of the remote machines and ping one of the machines in the main office by machine will probably get an "unknown host" message.  Then try pinging the same machine by ip address....if you get good replies by IP address, then your problem is name resolution.

Are you running WINS or DNS?

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If you're running a 2000/2003 domain, then your problem is DNS, as JConchie mentioned above.
Does the remote office have its own Windows domain?  Also, it sounds as if this site-to-site VPN is only connected from time to time - is this correct?  

If working out the wrinkles of DNS is too much trouble - ie, if this is only for a single PC on the remote office, & assuming IPs won't change at the main office LAN, a quick hack would be to add a host entry or two in the hosts file on the PC at the remote office, which would allow the PC to resolve \\targethost\share.
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