HELP!!! The following code populates a combobox with the names of customers "cust_name".....What I need is...

I have a combobox called cbcustname2 it contains the customer names from a SQL database field called cust_name1....When I dropdown the combobox and click on a customer name then the fields in the form for are automatically filled with the correct fields such as phone number and email, etc....The problem that I have is the the combobox has a autocomplete class on it that like to erase the combbox and when this happens i get an exception telling me that I need a value...I'm noe sure 100% what the error says but I think that since there is nothing in the comboc that correspondes to what it want to display in the form then I get an can I default values to a emty combobox that doesn't retrieve information from the database.   I think this might have been rambling a little so I apologize...   thanks

Private Sub PopulateForm2()
        Dim cnSQL As SqlConnection
        Dim cmSQL As SqlCommand
        Dim drSQL As SqlDataReader
        Dim strSQL As String
        Dim objListItem As ListItem
        Dim strID As String
        'Dim ctrl As Control

            'Get primary Key from Listbox
            objListItem = CType(cbcustname2.SelectedItem, ListItem)

            'Build Select statement to query customer information from the cust_id table
            strSQL = "SELECT MIN, " & _
                     "cust_name1, " & _
                     "cust_zip1, " & _
                     "cust_add1, " & _
                     "cust_add2, " & _
                     "cust_city1, " & _
                     "cust_phone1, " & _
                     "cust_fax1, " & _
                     "cust_email1, " & _
                     "cust_web1, " & _
                     "cust_bowname1, " & _
                     "cust_conname1, " & _
                     "cust_conadd1, " & _
                     "cust_conadd2, " & _
                     "cust_concity1, " & _
                     "cust_conzip1, " & _
                     "cust_conphone1, " & _
                     "cust_confax1, " & _
                     "cust_con_add_check, " & _
                     "sales_id, " & _
                     "bow_type_id, " & _
                     "cust_type_id, " & _
                     "info_state_id1, " & _
                     "info_state_id2 " & _
                     "FROM cust_id " & _
                     "WHERE MIN = " & objListItem.ID
            cnSQL = New SqlConnection(ConnectionString)

            cmSQL = New SqlCommand(strSQL, cnSQL)
            drSQL = cmSQL.ExecuteReader()


            If drSQL.Read() Then
                'Populate form with the data
                txtMIN.Text = drSQL.Item("MIN").ToString()
                txtcust_name1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_name1").ToString()
                txtmarinazip1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_zip1").ToString()
                txtmarinaadd1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_add1").ToString()
                txtmarinaadd2.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_add2").ToString()
                txtmarinacity1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_city1").ToString()
                txtmarinaphone1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_phone1").ToString()
                txtmarinafax1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_fax1").ToString()
                txtmarinaemail1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_email1").ToString()
                txtmarinaweb1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_web1").ToString()
                txtmarinabowname1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_bowname1").ToString()
                txtconname1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_conname1").ToString()
                txtconadd1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_conadd1").ToString()
                txtconadd2.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_conadd2").ToString()
                txtconcity1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_concity1").ToString()
                txtconzip1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_conzip1").ToString()
                txtconphone1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_conphone1").ToString()
                txtconfax1.Text() = drSQL.Item("cust_confax1").ToString()
                conadddifmarina.Checked = CType(drSQL.Item("cust_con_add_check"), Boolean)
                strID = drSQL.Item("sales_id").ToString()
                FindItemByID(cbsalesman2, strID)

                strID = drSQL.Item("bow_type_id").ToString()
                FindItemByID(cbbowtype2, strID)

                strID = drSQL.Item("cust_type_id").ToString()
                FindItemByID(cbcustomertype2, strID)

                strID = drSQL.Item("info_state_id1").ToString()
                FindItemByID(cbmarinastate2, strID)

                strID = drSQL.Item("info_state_id2").ToString()
                FindItemByID(cbconstate2, strID)

            End If

            ' Close and Clean up objects

        Catch e As SqlException
            MsgBox(e.Message, MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "SQL Error")

        Catch e As Exception
            MsgBox(e.Message, MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "General Error")
        End Try
    End Sub
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
You need to post the auto complete class for the combo box for that is where the problem most likely lies.

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I am not sure which autocompletecombo you are using, sounds like the one I provided.
If you are using mine, since I've used it so many times, I have the confidence that the behavior you described is unlikely to happen if you use it correctly. So can you show the code where you populate the autocompletecombo and wherever you interact with the autocompletecombo (any code that mentions that combo)?
brian_leightyAuthor Commented:
i found it....

the problem that is...... yes your code does work amyhxu but I needed to tweak one thing...ended up being similar to the question you already answered....

splitting this questions points

but will be asking another question..........please look for it.....
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